5 Fitness Mishaps That You Should Totally Avoid

Fitness experts always say that in order to achieve your fitness goal, you should start it right – from your goals to the routines. But sometimes, you encounter pitfalls that can entirely derail your fitness routines and also goals.

But it is not too late to go back. If you are dead serious about keeping track of your fitness goals, here is a list of pitfalls that you need to avoid when you are doing your exercises:

  • Making it all about the weight


Some people think that going to a JLT gym is all about losing some pounds. If that is your line of thought then there is a high chance that you will fail. Making all about the weight will only make you feel disappointed if you are not able to achieve your desired weight. It would be best to turn your fitness goal into a holistic approach so you can reap the full benefits of your workout, make you fit and healthy.


  • Exercising without a clear goal


If you come to a gym just to do exercises without a clear goal in mind, then you are bound to fail. Having a goal would keep you motivated to go to a gym. The most common goals most gym goers set is to lose weight and be healthy. But you can also try for more specific ones like developing your core muscles. If would be best if you can consult with a trainer so you will know what goals should be set depending on your needs.


  • Not trying out other routines


When you are just starting your workouts, it is addictive to master a certain routine. But once you reached that point, it is becoming less exciting. To bring back your enthusiasm, be sure to try out other exercises and classes like Muay Thai in Dubai. This would help you to learn other routines that can help your body building and fitness. You can still do the same routines but be sure to incorporate new ones to make it more exciting.

  • Not doing warm-ups


The cardinal rule when you are doing strenuous routines is doing warm ups to prepare your muscles for more intense workouts. A lot of gym goers who are not a fan of warm ups find it hard to accelerate during their routines. Moreover, not doing warm ups can be detrimental for your muscles and your bones.