Steven Wesley Speaks

Special thanks to one of our readers, James, for sending this story our way.  Steven Wesley has some choice words for Miami head coach Randy Shannon:

"If I had a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn't play for coach (Randy) Shannon."

"It didn't have anything to do with me being academically ineligible. It didn't have anything to do with me not being in good shape," he said.

"It didn't have anything to do with that," he continued. "That came down (to) a decision from coach Shannon personally. It was nobody else."


It is pretty obvious to us what happened to Wesley, he was caught on the short end of the numbers game stick.  We knew this was coming and could see it coming a mile away when Seantrel Henderson announced that he was leaving USC and was headed to Miami for a visit.  We knew that Miami didn't have scholarship room for him and that someone would have to hit the bricks in order to make room.  We just didn't know who. 

Wesley appears to be headed to the SEC's favorite oversigning dumping ground, the University of North Alabama where Terry Bowden is making a living coaching the leftovers from the SEC's oversigning machine.  Talk about getting screwed over.

"This is a real drastic, total lifestyle change," he said. "From Miami, you go from seeing palm trees and 70-degree weather every day to coming to trees that are bigger than all the buildings, to 100-degree weather."

Speaking of Terry Bowden, he is on record saying that some of the players he "receives" at UNA have been "run off" by other coaches:

“We didn’t invent the idea of kids transferring down to Division II from Division I,” Terry Bowden said. “Some of these kids have been run off by new coaches who think they recruited better players.”


Parents should take Wesley's story into consideration when considering the University of Miami, especially if they try to sell you on the notion that they are interested is taking care of your child for 4 years of college.

  • Coach oversigns roster - check
  • Helpless kid gets shuffled out the door to make room for a better recruit - check
  • Kid comes out publicly and claims he was pushed out - check
  • Kid lands in Division II to a place where most all oversigning casualties end up - check
  • Coach for said team states that he knows that the players he transfers in are being run off - check

If there was ever any doubt that oversigning is a serious issue this should eliminate it, permanently.

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  1. 70 degrees every day in Miami? According to weather.com, at 5 minutes after midnight the temperature in Miami is 87 degrees, it feels like 102 with “oppressive humidity”.

    But I’m sure everything else Wesley says is accurate.

    • Yep, the kid has to be lying about everything.

    • Why the fuck would you harp on that point?

      It does nothing to discredit his story. Now we’ve got a bunch of Thug U fans roaming around defending their Thug University Program. Real nice. Run a kid who was a STARTER last year off. It’s not like he was some non-contributor not working hard. He was a starter.

      • Oh, but this response gives the story complete credence.

      • He wasn’t a starter. He was a contributor on the defensive line, but he wasn’t a starter. And as for Thug University, our arrest record says otherwise. One arrest in the past three years, and that guy isn’t even on the team anymore (Robert Marve). As for Florida, with over two dozen arrests, and Florida State, with the academic scandal… it’s time to stop calling Miami Thug U.

      • Uh son, you need to do your homework before you start posting negative stuff…First of all, UM just received an award for the highest graduation rate amongst All D-1 schools, 2nd under the Randy coaching staff he has only had 1 count it 1 arrest, unlike the scandels at FSU and multiple arrest a gaytor nation. last the kid only got clock because a d-line was beat up, the entire year, he could not and would not beat out the likes of a top 10 pick in Allen Baily future first rounder M. Robinson, O. Vernon, Ojomo, and others…Do your homework first be for ranting like a little girl…The kid was at the program for 5 years and could not get any clock.

      • ignore this one- just another U hater that probably never went to school or played football.

      • It is unfortuate that Wesley got caught up in the numbers, but the reality for a coach to continue being successful is that he has to put the best product on the field that he possibly can. There is an agreement or contract that the student agrees to when he is accepted in school inorder to play footbal, and that is to maintain minimum grade average, attend classes and stay in the best possible shape to be able top perform at a high level on the field.
        If the student does not maintain his part of the agreement, then why would he expect for the school or the coaches to keep this student on the team. In the past the schools focused mostly on education, but today it’s not only about education, but it seems that the teams have to win on the field as well, that is of course in order for the coach to keep his job. As much as this is unfortuate, it’s the reality in todays society.
        I have been a UM fan since 1964 and an alumni as well and I do want to see the UM play for the national chanpionship as well, but people need to wake up and understand that it’s a business as well and that the standards are being set by the powers in upper management and not by the coaches.

  2. I’m sure his grades are good and he was a model citizen. Shannon was looking for the worst player to cut on Miami’s roster and it was a defensive end who started more than half the games in the last 2 seasons. That makes a lot of sense.

    • According to those around the Miami program he was buried on the depth chart – was going to see some time this year but they were plenty deep at his position. But you’re probably right, this kid was probably poison and deserved to be sent packing. So not only is he lying about everything, he’s a bad person on top of it all. Makes sense now, thanks for clearing that up.

      • Neither of us knows the real story. You just claim to. Shannon isn’t going to get into a public pissing match with Wesley. If he trashed the kid publicly you’d be bitching about that.

  3. I’ve been to Miami, when i lived in Orlando. Even that short 2 1/2 hour drive, it was 10 degrees hotter in Miami. It is not hotter in North Alabama than it is in Miami, that said, i believe everything else from the kid.

  4. Yeah, I don’t have a clue where the kid gets the thing about the weather. I have spent my entire life in the deep south (hence the moniker), and have been to Miami about 100 times on business. When you get out of the airport, the humidity hits you like a brick wall. It is stiflingly hot and muggy. No doubt it’s hot in Florence, AL this time of year too, and you don’t get the breezes off of Biscayne Bay, but there’s no way it isn’t just as hot in Miami. Whatever.

    The Miami Herald reported multiple times that Wesley was dropped due to grades. Someone isn’t telling it like it is/was. As for Terry “Pop ‘N’ Fresh” Bowden’s quote, it doesn’t appear that he was making this observation based on Wesley’s transfer specifically. Am I mistaken about that? It’s a tad misleading, to say the least, to insert a quote from Bowden that is a general observation, such that it appears to be a specific observation about the Wesley situation.

    I don’t know what happened with Wesley, and I don’t especially care. But the Miami paper has reported he was let go due to grades. Why exactly are we supposed to believe the kid? I thought reporters (as opposed to op/ed writers) reported and didn’t opine.

  5. Miami needed exactly 2 spots to get both Henderson and Anderson on the roster. It is humorous that many of you think it is just a coincidence that 2 spots open within days of the deadline that freshman are to report.

    Sure Wesley may not have been an angel but the guy is a 5th year senior. If there were issues with him they did not grow overnight. Obviously the issues were not big enough deal to get rid of him before. However, when a spot is needed, well those issues suddenly become big enough that he needs to go. A semester before he graduates. Yup, makes perfect sense. All Wesley’s fault.

    When are some of you going to learn that schools need to spin this as well? They can’t kick a kid off that is perfect. Goes to class, gets great grades, doesn’t complain about playing time. How is a school going to spin that? However, you find a kid with a little bit of question marks and you can cast doubt on why you really kicked him off. Clearly it is working since so many of you buy into it.

    • I agree, I think it’s incredibly naive to think that it is a coincedence. This is obviously a byproduct of signing Henderson and Anderson. I don’t know why people who support oversigning need to justify what is happening at these schools if they believe it is a fair system. Also, I find it hilarious that people are attacking this kid’s description of the weather as proof of his overall lack of credibility.

      Like the blog but one comment, why is this filed under SEC? Miami is in the ACC.

    • I would argue that you are doing the exact same thing in reverse. A kid who may or may not (we won’t ever KNOW, with KNOW being the key word) have previously had academic issues winds up having them. How often are exceptions made to the rules governing this sort of thing? I have no idea. As fans, we aren’t allowed into the inner sanctum where these decisions are made, because we don’t BELONG there. It isn’t our privilege or our right to know.

      How is it that YOU know that whatever problems Wesley had weren’t new. What access do YOU have to the Miami program that puts you in a position to make that proclamation?

      You are doing the exact same thing that you are accusing the naysayers of doing, and with exactly the same amount of evidence–i.e. NONE.

      • I completely agree with the fact that there is no proof to any of the acusations that this kid mentioned when he was released from Miami. It is simply a he said/she said between the university and the student. He could be just pissed and mouthing off. But I think it’s pretty crazy to think that this kid’s release has absolutely nothing to do with Henderson and Anderson coming on board. Maybe he did have some academic issues but don’t you think that Miami would have found a way to work it out with this kid if Henderson wasn’t coming on board and they needed that scholarship? Do you really think this would have happened regardless and Miami would give the scholarship to a walk-on?

        I think this sucks for these kids because they aren’t professional athletes and they are getting screwed out their education because of the numbers game after being comitted to the university. Most of these kids will never go on to be professional athletes and millions are being made off of their hard work. I would think the least the universities can give back to them is the promise of a scholarship and not to be cut because there just wasn’t enough room for them. How much would it suck to have to transfer schools your senior year. College football is not a semi-pro league, it is supposed to be about getting an education and competing in athletics, and if we treat it as such then these kids should just get paid.

        • You make two arguments (both of which I disagree with, but are at least valad arguments) and try to tie the two together. Unfortunately the two arguments cancel each other out if you try this: You say that the university is making tons of money off of the students efforts (uncompensated) and then cut them loose before they graduate because of another prospect that comes along. If the player is playing enough to qualify as making money for the university, surely this guy wouldn’t be the one getting “cut”, no? The fact that the player let go did contribute over the last couple of years is damning evidence against the theory that he was cut.

          • I was generalizing, in the sense that as a member of team that a person is contributing to the success of the program as a whole. Any kid on the team is helping them win by contributing in practice, adding depth, leadership, etc. Yes, in the pros, payment is proportional to performance and if a person doesn’t perform well they are shown the door, but this is college athletics and shouldn’t be as cut-throat.

            Honestly, if universities would just take care of these cut athletes, I wouldn’t care about oversigning. Then if the kid just wanted to play then his decision to leave would be purely a football decision. If he wanted to stay a complete his education then he could too, provided that he kept his GPA up and doesn’t get into trouble, similar to people on academic scholarship. I feel like the athletes and the universities are making a commitment to each other, and I would rather protect the student athlete over the universities.

  6. I’m still waiting to hear specifics on student athletes who were living up to all their responsibilities and wanted to stay at a school but were cut to make room for a better player. How about a few specific players? How about one? Where are all these victimized student athletes who need the NCAA to protect them?

    Oops! I’m sorry. This comment was intended for one of the other threads.

    I am also sorry I was a bit late with this, but this time of year it can be tough to keep up with these.

    • Just wondering, Lee Roi, do you have a macro that lets you post the exact same message over and over? Very cool.

      Maybe since you’re so handy, you could share with us this insider information you have regarding these players and how they are “living up to all their responsibilities”. Or maybe it’s enough just to SAY they are.

      Roger Clemens used Congress to show, beyond any doubt at all, that he did NOT take PEDs, he did NOT let Brian McNamee inject him with steroids, and so on. It’s great in this day and age when we can simply let someone tell their story to a newspaper reporter, or to Congress, or wherever, and then we can simply TRUST that this is so.

      Oops, I’m sorry. I just saw where Clemens is being indicted for perjury. My mistake.

  7. Very biased article.

    Was there “oversigning”? Yes, in a sense. However, it’s very different than when a freshman is suddenly denied a scholarship, or a student-athlete in the middle of their academic program loses his scholarship. Wesley is no freshman. Wesley is no student in the middle of his academic program. Wesley has had 4 full academic years plus summers, all free tuition and room & board. He’s had ample time to get his degree. More free time than even many of those who earn academic scholarships which pay for only 4 years and don’t include summer classes. It is on Wesley for not taking the classes he needed, for not focusing on getting his degree in the 4 years. Is it unfortunate for him? Sure. Would UM have kept him had the extra slots not been needed? Possibly. Though in reality, positions have opened up as a result of academic qualifying issues for incoming freshmen anyway, openings that were predicted to happen, so dropping Wesley wasn’t even absolutely necessary to get Henderson in. There’s more to this story that none of us knows. Coach Shannon can’t get into a media-driven back and forth on this matter, and in fact is not legally allowed to discuss details if they are of an academic nature, while Wesley is free to spout off at will.

    • DK:

      On your last point–BINGO. Wesley has a vessel (the media) through which he can have his voice be heard, whether he is portraying what happened accurately or not, and Shannon, the AD, and so on do not (or are wise enough to avoid it). It is laughable that guys like Lee Roi have the gonads to suggest that because a disgruntled kid says that something fishy happened, that this represents the last word on the subject. We’ve already dissected what happened with Alonzo Lawrence at Alabama and determined he was full of it. How do we know that Wesley isn’t being incredibly self-serving as well? We DON’T.

      • There you go again, falling back into your all too familiar comfort zone where oversigning doesn’t exist, kids are all worthless and full of it, and coaches that make millions of dollars under tremendous stress are angels. Glad to know you are back in your spring-time form, I was starting to worry about you.

        • Come now, Joshua. I have said before that oversigning most definitely DOES exist, it is simply legal. And I haven’t seen anything from this site to make me renounce my belief that the coach of my team is handling the boys in T-Town just fine. Kids aren’t worthless, but Wesley probably didn’t think he was going to have to pay the piper and that he could coast on in, and that turned out not to be the case. Hopefully he learned an important life lesson.

  8. The NCAA needs to put a hard cap on how many kids you are allowed to recruit. In other words, if you have 12 slots by signing day, you can only sign 12 kids. If you have attrition, tough bleep: if the rule is the same for everyone it will balance itself out. This may lead to kids being “encouraged to leave” just before NSD, but it gives them longer to land on their feet.

    Then, I would like to see the following rule implemented: any kid who has signed a scholarship offer at any school is allowed to take courses at that school for as long as he wants until he graduates. The NCAA throws the experession “welfare of the student-athlete” around a lot when stonewalling a playoff; let them put their money where their mouths are.

  9. Oversigning should not be allowed it is a tool used by schools to keep student athaletes hostage. The schools that practice this do not sign kids to play for them but rather to keep them from competitors. By the time they release them from school A , school B has a full roster and since they play the game the RIGHT way student athalete ends up at school Z or worse a Div.2 . All athaletes should look into the school that practice this unethical but legal process and boycott the scum.

  10. For all you dick riding coach shannon fans, I’m a close friend to wesley and everything he is saying is really true. The guy always use to tell me stories about shannon and the things he did to certain guys and messed up there careers. I understand that y’all are big canes fans and all but so am I, but I know the type of guy that wesley really is and everything that happened was all on shannon not liking the guy eversince he didn’t wanna move to tight end after his RS sophmore yr…now that’s the truth.

    • Malcolm, if you are truly that close to Wesley, please send word to him that if he would like have his side of the story told here would be glad to give him a forum to speak his mind if he so chooses. What happened to him is why we created this site.

      • this is a dumb issue…the guy was given over 4 years to get a degree. during that time, he cost the school several hundred thousand dollars in merchandise, housing, tuition, food, etc. yet he was a player that did not come close to generating a similar return. if this were a job in the real world, he would have been fired, too. how come at every level of sports, from pop warner to the pro’s, you can cut football players who aren’t up to par EXCEPT for the college level? why do these grown MEN need to be coddled. he was given four years to earn a degree from a top 50 institution academically. where is the problem with that?
        furthermore, he was kicked off the FOOTBALL team, not out of the university. so if he wished to complete his degree, he could have. but he didn’t. and he instead chose to rip on the program which provided for him for nearly five years. excuse me if i don’t feel sorry for him, but he signed a contract when he signed his LOI. if he doesn’t meet the stipulations of the contract, he can get kicked off the team. where is the issue in that? if i am a student at a university and i am not meeting the academic requirements, i can be asked to leave, but if i am a football player (who probably doesn’t have that strong of academics and probably only got into the school in the first place because of his skill on the football field) i should be coddled and babied? give me a freaking break…man i would kill to have gotten free crap galore for 4 years and a free tuition, even if it meant getting kicked off the team in year 5.
        look at this issue in REAL terms. how soft has our culture gotten when i should feel bad for a kid who got pumped for not being good at what he did? we applaud hiring newer, better people and replacing inefficient workers, but god forbid that same mantra get applied to the GAME of college football.

    • Your close friend should have gotten his act together, taken enough classes over the 4 full academic years plus summers, plus free tutoring if needed, to graduate (which is more than academic scholars get to complete degrees on their scholarships!). Why should he be given yet another year of free ride? What makes him so special? Plus, so what if he was in coach Shannon’s doghouse because of his refusal to be a team player and move to a position of need? He wasn’t a starter, and wasn’t going to be a starter, at DL. So his refusal (just like whiny Albert Haynesworth with the Redskins) just shows he’s not that much of a team player. Combine that (thanks for the added ammunition with that revelation) along with the fact that he’s already had AMPLE time to get his degree already, I feel even less bad about him being let go.

  11. Tater,
    I like your comments on the matter. I do agree it my add to kids being “encouraged to leave” but that is when the NCAA needs to hold an exit interview to better try and determine what is actually the reason for the kids departure.
    Wesley got let go to make room for Henderson and Anderson. Stuff just doesnt work that way.

  12. LMAO. How’s it going this morning, “Josh in Chicago”? When did you relocate?

    Josh in Chicago writes: What is your take on the SEC’s policy of oversigning players?

    Chris Low: I understand that it’s worked out for both schools and players in the past, but I don’t like it at all. It’s one thing if a coach signs a player and explains to him and that player’s parents that there’s a numbers crunch and that he may have to “grayshirt” or wait until January to enroll. If the player’s on board with that, so be it. But to go to a player after he’s already been on campus and going through summer school classes and tell him he has to go home and can come back in January because the school signed too many players is a shoddy way to do business. But, hey, let’s face it. College football is a business

    • LMAO at you. You are so fixated on whether Josh in Chicago is this Josh you barely notice that the SEC blogger for the SEC says oversigning is wrong.

      • No sh*t arse-wipe. I also saw his last two sentences. Does that mean his previous statements are to be disregarded? What the eff ever, douchebag. The point is that I was just curious if “Josh from Birmingham” was any relation to “Josh from Chicago”.

        • Curious=”I am obsessed with Ohio State and spend my days trolling every website and blog under various moniker’s to feed my obsession making me a pathetic douche bag”

          There I fixed it for you.

  13. you all sound so surprised that a player is asked to move along?? like this doesnt happen at EVERY major school?? If you think this only a Miami/Shannon issue you all need to pull your heads out of your asses and wake up. Wesley from what i understand either got his degree or was a few summer classes away from getting it, getting your degree is the only promise Shannon makes. No excuses but lets keep it real folks, every coach does this and it happens more than you know

  14. He’s going to college for free for four yrs at a great academic institution for platin football. He gets summer school, tutoring everything you can think of to help him get through school and graduate. Miami takes their apr seriously as you can see by it being one of the top scores in the nation and stuff like this hurts it. I guarantee you this decision was not taken lightly by Shannon and better yet shalala because she is really the one in charge. His grades were low I don’t know how low and after four yrs he was not poised to graduate. If he was he would not have been kicked off simple enough. As i said we take the apr very seriously, If he had good grades there is no way shalala would allow him to get kicked off.

  15. Malcom,

    I personally know some of the coaches on the staff and am telling you that Wesley is a disgruntled player and that what he is saying is not true. It is easy for him to say whatever he wants because he knows that Randy will not comment and neither will the school.

    That’s all I will say.

    • Justice for all I’m a friend of wesley and I’m glad you left a comment showing respect and some kind of decencyof this whole situationg because if you don’t know either shannon personally which I know none of you guys do or know steven wesley then nobody knows what really happened. But y’all idiots can continue to bash him all you want because it makes you look stupid commenting and stating ‘false facts’ on a situation that you know nothing about just because you are some shannon dick riders and the guy could care less about you, steven told me plenty of stories about former players who played for the guy and they said the samething he said, they hated him. I’m not talking about any guys I’m talking about guys who start on sundays. But hey if y’all want to continue to cheer for a coach who continues to let players go especially seniors after he goes into there parents house and promises that he will take care of there son then have fun with that.

  16. We have a website with an agenda – CHECK
    A dismissed player who is the only one talking so he has to be right – CHECK
    Said player is so far down the depth chart he isn’t going to see the field – CHECK
    Since he landed at UNA, items 1-3 have to be false – CHECK
    Player leaves program and looks for a writer needing a story to say that four years into his career that he got screwed – CHECK

  17. Scholarships are awarded on a year to year basis and must be renewed each year. Each kid has to live up to a contract they sign with coaches and the program. Wesley didn’t do that. The same thing happens to you if you don’t perform up to standards at work. You get fired.

    Wesly had four years to complete his education at Miami, others have done it and many in less time than four years. He was given an education valued at about $250,000.00 Ultimately it is on him to comply and finish it in four years.

    What Wesley says for the newspapers and the blogs, says more about him than it does anything else.

  18. Do I really know the coaches, do you really know Wesley? Who knows?

  19. It’s a blog so anyone can say whatever they want without being held accountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. So lets see. It has nothing to do with his grades and not going to class. It has nothing to do with him being in good shape. Oh and lets not forget that Shannon is a bad coach. And it took him over three years to figure this out. I guess he couldn’t see it while he was playing. Maybe he couldn’t see it until he let himself down. And maybe when he wake up he’ll realize. That the figure he saw was not Shannon but himself. After all Shannon is sticking by what he said (Go to clas, no guns, and stay out of trouble, and you will not get kick off the team). And if Bowden (who is trying to redeem himself and his career after getting fired) speaks out about other Coaches, or other programs he has not been in. Maybe that’s who he should be afraid of. If a program insist on you taking care of your future by going to class. That’s a program that’s telling you to use the system. Do not let the system use you. Even if you make it to the pros. You will always neede your education.

  21. Wesley fell in to starting due to injuries throughout the D-line. Shannon is among tops at graduating his players. Its all about The U and GFY!

  22. I’m sure this has been posted before but I didnt take the time to read all posts…
    Why would Shanon send this kid packing if like stated previously he was a starter and would see action this year. There are kids in the program that will never see action and are on at least partial scholarships. Now none of us know the REAL story and you are only reading his side supposedly.

  23. That toolbag Shannon is setting himself up for a huge disappointing season and I cant wait. That dude is the worst coach in the ACC and his dumb president extends him.

    Shannon gets alot of praise for doing nothing. He hasnt done anything wonderful there that the past coaches hadn’t already accomplished.

    You wait, Miami will lose 4 games this year and the excuse machine will be working overtime.

    It will be a great day when OSU waxes the floor with Shannon and his crew. Then Pitt will finish them off like Wisky did last year.

    • If UM beats OSU in Sept. , Randy will be setting himself for a Cinderella Season. And no The worst coach in the ACC is Maryland’s coach . And the reason he hasn’t done what the other coaches have done is because the other coaches have accomplished so much, give him time . Please respond so that I know if you are a gaytor fan or a FAMU fan??? Dude , you sound angry…….how does that make you feel??? And how does that make you feel??? Tell me about your childhood.

    • Wow Mark….tell us how u really feel. :o )
      Did your daddy leave your mommy?
      It’s OK….we are family here. U can open up to us. :o )

  24. Most of the “running off” that bowden and this writer are talking about is from the sec , Now why does he specifically point out that “parents need to take this into consideration when considering UM”??? Sounds like the writer does not like UM??? Remind me to NEVER read a story from TOM ZEBOLD again… Oh yea , why was this filed under sec?

  25. Another part of the article… I have NOT heard of any off the field issues so that does not seem to be the reason..you never want to destroy anyone’s reputation whether it is the school or the athlete..they both deserve a fair shot.. I dont know what happened but I do feel that if the person did not have the academic grade then they would not be allowed to continue their education and apparently he is being allowed to do that so thats not it..I also have not heard of any off the field problems so we can remove that from the equation.. Taking 4 years and needing a class or two to finish is not unusual so I am not sure why thats being portrayed in such a negative manner.. In regards to the media this is the first time I am seeing anything being said by this player so I think thats pretty good that this person did not say anything all this time. At this point I wish his former school and the athlete the best..

    “I didn’t get in any trouble at all. I didn’t have any off-the-field issues when I’ve been down there,” Wesley said. “It was really a personal issue between coach Shannon (and I). I guess he had a personal issue dealing with me. For what reason, I don’t know.”

  26. We’ll miss Wesley, but consider if Shannon found him lacking and by draw of luck an even better player arrives, how are Shannon’s actions improper?

  27. I just ask you stop slandering miami for one incident where you don’t have a moutain of proof or precedent. It’s unfortunate, but as a Miami fan I appreciate him but he had 4 years to get a degree including summers. He was offered and should ahve attained the proper education. As for shannon I’m goign to trust the guy who cleaned up our program and has it at the top in APR and lowest in arrests. I’m sorry he was a casualty but he was a reasonable one. Don’t blame the people who use the rules to their advantage blame those who make the rules. The letter of intent, 1 year renewable scholarships, releases, running off are all the problems. Those which don’t give prper support to student athletes. As a Miami fan I don’t like you mentioning us in this conversation when Wesley has been the only one probably within the past 10 years that was publicly blown and agregious.

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