Bama, LSU on Track to be Oversigned in 2011

We've touched on this briefly in the past, but now that we are into the swing of the football season and the final team rosters are in place for 2010, it's time to start really keeping an eye on Alabama and LSU for the upcoming recruiting season.

Both Alabama and LSU face the same problem with the 2011 recruiting class, which is they have very, very small senior classes currently on the roster.  This is the net result of oversigning; basically the guys you see here are the ones who made it through 4 years or more of rosters cuts, being pushed into medical hardships or nudged towards transferring to a lesser school, and as you can tell the list is very short.

Typically, players with SQ next to their names are consider squad team players (walk-ons, non-letter men, and typically not on scholarship).

Alabama has a total of 14 seniors, with 8 non-SQ players; LSU has 15 total seniors, with 11 non-SQ players. 

So in doing a little bit of math it appears that Alabama has 8 scholarship seniors and LSU has 11.

In looking at the latest Rivals recruiting lists for verbal commitments for Alabama and LSU, we see that Alabama is currently ranked #2 with 18 verbal commitments and LSU is ranked #3 with 17 verbal commitments.

Those that follow recruiting know that there is now way either of these schools are finished with their recruiting classes - not by a long shot.  We know that LSU and Alabama will both have a few Juniors leave for the NFL early, but the gap between what they will have room for and what they are projected to sign is pretty damn big.



Should be interesting to watch Saban and Miles cut the dead weight this coming year and keep the football factories running.

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  1. Josh,

    When is the NCAA going to step in and actually protect the student athletes? I really wish the NCAA would just smack the SEC down with penalties and death penalties, still not sure why they didn’t death penalty Alabama back in the 90s. Seems like they don’t do anything to the SEC teams, thus why they carry on with their unehtical push the envelope win at all cost, viloating the Spirit of the laws. NCAA needs to make a statement and start punishing they SEC schools, they all think they are above the laws.

  2. Michael DeJohn, Colin Gallagher, Mark Holt, JB Kern and Logan Thomas are all walk-ons.

    Just FYI.

    You’re generally sanctimonious and self righteous with your oversigning news – it’s better for you here, at least get it right.

    • What did I get wrong. Alabama has 14 seniors on their roster, 6 of the are listed as SQ which is commonly known as Squad Team players that mostly consist of walk-ons; you just confirmed this with claiming that 5 of them are walk-ons. The only one you left out was Ezell.

      The point here is that it is self-evident that Alabama already has a lot more verbal commitments than they have room for – my only question is which players are going to be pushed out the door to make room for the new studs?

  3. I want to commend you for collecting and presenting this information. Today is my first time visiting this site. The comments are eye-opening. I would not be surprised by the passionate, although not insightful, defense of Alabama and LSU. Alabama, Oklahoma, and USC are among the top five schools punished for cheating in football by the NCAA. I have hardly ever met a fan of these schools who cares one bit about their image. Instead, they boast about imaginary NCAA championships which they ‘vote” to themselves. Cheaters will cheat. They will say that others do it, that they were just caught, that they technically did not cheat and so on. It is fascinating how they accept the “it depends what the meaning of is ‘is’” defense for their schools and when you know that they rail against the “lack of honor” in every other aspect of American life. Yet they would never, ever demand that their school follow a standard that is above the very minimum (the NCAA floor is our ceiling) and not pursue a “if you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin’” credo — since the might win one less game if they did.

  4. Jermaine Preyear tried all of 2009 to stay at Alabama despite the Bama machine pressuring him to transfer and floating rumors to the press that he was wanting to. Preyear’s mother denied he was looking to transfer as late as 2 weeks before the 85 deadline. At the deadline Preyear and 3 other players were suddenly kicked off the team. Asked about what these previously unproblematic players did to get kicked off the team at such an opportune time, Saban said: “[They] violated some type of team rule or policy and were not invited back on our team.”

    Some type of rule or policy.

    One would hope, as others have in previous generations, that there are at least some decent, conscientious, white Alabamans with the affluence and political power to forcefully speak out about what is going on here (given this machine is mainly steamrolling impoverished black kids).

    • It might make you feel better to know the specific violations committed by each of the players, but it wouldn’t be what’s best for the players. You might even feel entitled to the information, but the reality is that you are not. If a player feels wronged, he is perfectly free to go to the press and describe the reason he was given for not being invited back on the team, but it would not be appropriate for the anyone from the university to make public that type of information.

      Also, it is not accurate to say “At the deadline Preyear and 3 other players were suddenly kicked off the team”. It was announced at Saban’s press conference at the start of fall camp (Aug. 5) that those 4 players (Hall, Lawrence, Fanney, Preyear) were no longer a part of the team, but no one knows when they actually parted ways with the team.

      Prince Hall requested to transfer on May 16
      Brandon Fanney requested to transfer on July 16
      Alonzo Lawrence ~July 18
      Jermaine Preyear ~July 20

      • Oh, of course. Just looking out for their best interests.

        You’ve certainly got the talking points down. And Fanney requested a transfer but was then kicked off the team just before the deadline? Um, OK.

        And the news of their dismissal was not announced until August 5th, just before the deadline, after they had refused to transfer or been unsuccessful in doing so. Preyear’s mother, reached by the press, had said just 2 weeks earlier that he was staying at the school.


        You know exactly what is going on here, but you deny it because it threatens what you want. I highly doubt you are a graduate of the University of Alabama. Just some fan of a football team.

        What an embarrassing place.

        • I’m sorry I upset you by pointing out the incorrect statement that you made. In the future, this could be avoided if you simply checked your facts beforehand. There’s really no need in getting defensive, everyone makes mistakes.

    • You really want to bring race into it? I realize you dont know the players that go to Bama except maybe Mark Ingram or Julio Jones. Plenty of the players that have transferred from Bama are white.

  5. Hey guys jealousy is an ugly character flaw. If u are still bitter about Alabama kicking you @ss take your ball and go home. Roll tide roll

  6. Do the existing 2011 commitments include any 2010 greyshirts?

  7. I heard someone put Cam’s jersey on the Bear’s statue last night. lol

    • Or maybe he sees what almost every other university not in the SEC West has seen: oversigning a highly unethical practice that serious universities don’t engage in.

  8. What needs to be done is the SEC needs to reduce the scholarship limit to 75 then complain that everybody else is signing to many people that are not going to play.

    Although I am not a big fan of oversigning, if you do not like it change the rule. At the same time, if you are on scholarship and will not make it on the field, should you get a free ride? You are given a scholarship in order to perform on the field. If you are not able to crack the line up, why should the school be stuck with you? If you do not perform on an academic scholarship, you lose it. You are given a football scholarship TO PLAY FOOTBALL not stand on the sidelines.

    Still enjoy reading your web site Joshua along with the comments.

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