There will be no Stopping Nick Saban; Lands 19th Commitment Today

As mentioned, Alabama only has roughly 8 scholarships Seniors on their roster (including 5th year guys), yet they landed their 19th verbal commitment today.  Guess there will be 11 Juniors leaving early for the NFL because there is no way the rash of medical hardships could continue again this year, no team is that unlucky for that long.  

Of course, we all know that Saban told Jones that his scholarship offer is conditional and could turn into a grayshirt offer based on who in front of him qualifies and who currently on the team suffers a career-ending injury, and we all know he made sure to tell the parents of Jones that his scholarship is just a one year deal that might not get renewed.

UPDATE: Make that 21 commitments given that there are 2 guys from 2010 that accepted a grayshirt from last year's class and will count towards 2011.  Thanks for the correction Vesper.  So there are 19 new commitments and 2 grayshirts, and only 8 scholarship seniors.  Nick Saban is on pace to oversign worse than Huston Nutt did when he signed 37 and only had room for 22 - he was 15 over his budget, if Saban signs a full 28 he will be 15-20 over depending on how many juniors leave early for the NFL.  Yep, the SEC really solved that oversigning problem when they set the limit to 28 per year!

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  1. Ha.

    The absurdity of the denialist spin is funny when put that way. Nicely done.

  2. Absolutely, love the comments Josh. Yeah, I just wonder how much Saban is upfront and honest with the kids. My question is, why are the highschool coaches not calling out Saban’s unethical practices of cutting the dead weight, so he can have a NFL team as close as he can. Also, I love how Saban, because he is too lazy do to his recruiting, uses cutting , medical hardships, and just plan cutting guys because he can with the well one year renewal crap, I love how Saban uses that to his advnatage so he doesn’t have to recruit a be right, and get stuck with someone who doesn’t pan out for 4 years. You don’t see Tressel doing that. We have had multiples guys who Tressel allows to graduate and get their education, becuase Tress actually treats these men like what the name infers, student athletes. Seems like the SEC tries to just forget the first word and just calls them athletes, who are like commodoties when they can’t do anymore for Lord Saban he trashes them. Like I said, why are the high school coaches, not calling Saban out on this crap, he has to be burning bridges, should come back to haunt him eventually, I don’t care how many NCs he won, if you do it on someone elses back unethically, I don’t think people are going to be as impressed, it is the same with Petey at USC, he is a complete disgrace because he had to cheat to do it. Same with Saban, the guy has to cheat and do things unethicial because if he actually played by the rules all the other coaches are doing, he would be no one.

  3. Josh,

    I love the comments, yeah, I bet Saban, told the parents , yeah, if your son isn’t in the two deep, and I deem him not worthy, I will throw him away like trash. Either I will cut him, not renewal, or if he has an injury, I might be able to swing him a medical hardship, if he isn’t going to play in the NFL, then he gets a free ride for doing nothing, or if I get studs who sign in front of him, the school, will just say he doesn’t qualify. OK, I know Saban doesn’t have the much power, but I know for a fact, his medical doctors do what he tells them, this whole crap he doesn’t have any power over that. Oh really Saban, I am going to call you on the carpet, and put your money where your mouth is, and I guarantee, if you get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, I highly doubt all the medical hardships are legit. Course, I am sure Saban tells the guys, well you won’t make the NFL anyway, I was in the NFL, so I should know, so you should just take this free ride, and gradute from Alabama. I really wish there was a reporter who would stick it to Saban and take him down, where are all the reporters trying to make a name for themselves, to uncover a story like watergate. Why is Saban this untouchable figure. Someone needs to go in and get in his program and clean his crap up. Some on reports there has to be someoen with balls out there to take this guy down for his unethical slimy practices.

  4. How do you know that he wasn’t told that a grayshirt is possible? You probably would have said the same thing about Petey Smith last year.

    “That was always (the plan) because of (Alabama’s) needs,” Callahan said. “Petey always knew he was going in January from Day One and he was fine with that, but he was up there the whole summer working out.”

  5. Your update is incorrect. Smith became a member of the 2010 class and is currently on Bama’s roster. Carswell and Love greyshirted this year and will become members of the 2011 class.

    • Even better…thanks for the correction.

      • No problem. Of course you’ll still count Carswell and Love twice each like you did with Smith, Orr, McKeller, and others, correct?

        • What does it matter what the count is up to rather it be 1 or 1000 over, oversigning is still oversigning. However, I guess you can sit and laugh at a huge number because either way, you don’t feel it is or should be illegal. Let me ask you this.

          What about people that walk on and give their blood and sweat and tears for Saban, where is their reward? Saban rewards them with, well sorry son, you just aren’t good enough to ever be rewarded a scholarship here, but thanks for pounding your brains in so the advantage can get their big fat contracts and get all the fame and glory. I just give you a big thank you son, and letting us use you as cannon fodder.

          On the other hand, ethical people like Tress thank them with scholarships, and tell them you are part of a team, not an outcast. Does that seem like the right thing to do, and every other coach does this, but not Saban, Saban feels he isn’t half the coach others are so he gets a handicap? Seems Saban doesn’t feel he can compete with a equal deck so he has to stack the deck to win? What a poor excuse for a coach and poorer excuse of a human being, we are electing this man to mold young boys into men, What is wrong with this country?

          • “ethical people like Tress”

            Tress? You mean Tressel, the coach whose Youngstown State program was cited for lack of institutional control?

            “What a poor excuse for a coach and poorer excuse of a human being”

            He’s the only coach EVER to win national championships at 2 different schools, inheriting a team with a losing record in the previous year and winning a national championship within 4 years at both. What a poor excuse for a coach.

            He’s had a charitable foundation called “Nick’s Kids” that has given millions to kids over the last 15 years. He and his wife pledged $1 million in 2007, $100,000 per year for 10 years to fund scholarships at the University of Alabama for non-athletes who are the first in their family to attend college, as he and his wife both were. They pledged $250,000 last year at the Birmingham Touchdown Club for the club’s Children’s Hospital charity.

            Based on what I’ve seen from Saban and what I’ve seen from you I’d say he’s a helluva lot better human being than you are. Or than the Ohio State quarterback who said this:

            “Not everybody is a perfect person in this world. I mean, everyone does … kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel people need to give him a chance. I always looked up to Mike Vick and I always will because I still think he’s one of the best quarterbacks to me and I just love Mike Vick.”

            And Tressel excused the comment. That’s the way to mold young boys into men.

            • Did Jim Tressel over sign at YSU? Has he done it since he has been coach at tOSU? Nick Saban sounds like a saint alright, however none of his charitable works changes the fact that he over signs. Yes, he has won 2 NC’s at two different schools. Good for him. Jim Tressel has won 1 at the same school he has been with for 10 years. Your continued deflection by bringing up Maurice C. or what happened at YSU, or the comments by TP, are desperate attempts to paint JT as being just as slimy as Saban. Keep grasping and googling DP. I can feel your desperation seeping through my computer screen.

              • Is “oversigning” against NCAA rules? No. Is directing players to boosters for cash, as Tressel did at Youngstown State, against NCAA rules? Yes. Has a program Saban led ever been cited for “lack of institutional control? No. Tressel? Yes. That makes Tressel the slimy one.

                • Does something have to be against the rules for it to be slimy? Has Jim Tressel ever had wins vacated No. Did the NCAA say that Jim Tressel in fact was the one “directing player’s to booster for cash” No.

                  “Isaac said Tressel never knew about the payments, and the NCAA found no evidence that he did”

                  ‘Bama only escaped the “lack of institutional control” ruling because they acted quickly, but still got the wins vacated and probation. The NCAA cited ‘Bama for “failure to monitor” it’s program with regard to the book scandal.

                  Keep trying though, it appears it keeps you busy.

          • So, every walk-on at OSU gets a scholarship? If not, then where is their reward? Surely Tressel doesn’t use the large majority of walk-ons like cannon fodder with nothing in return except a thank you.

  6. All in good fun my friend. I knew you read the ozone, but I didn’t think you pour over every post.

  7. John,

    I for one am not interested in devasting ‘Bama’s place in the CFB world. I want the NCAA to be as concerned as to how the 85 is reached as they are making sure that schools end up with the 85. Of course nothing will change as far as those things you mentioned. ‘Bama will just be forced to do the right thing because doing the wrong thing will be against the rules. Other coaches understand that something doesn’t have to be against the rules to be wrong and will keep doing what they have always done: not oversign.

  8. Deepsouthboy,

    Look, I am sure you are an intelligent creature, now what planet you are from , that is up for debate.

    The bottom line is, Do not think for a sec, that Saban getting to drop his bottom performing players, by unethically gettting rid of them, doesn’t give him a clear advnatage, because it does.

    Look at it this way.

    I am not sure how much you know about the stock market or not.

    I am going to illustrate what Saban is doing versus all the other coaches who aren’t to show he is clearly getting an advantage that alot of other coaches are not doing.

    Ok, lets say every college coach is allowed to have 85 stocks.

    Those 85 stocks, are his portfolio, and to win the NC of stocks portfolio you have to have the best return over 4 years.

    All the other coaches, pick 85 stocks, now, they are under the impression, their clients do not want turnover, because it is unethically, to drive up fees. So the coaches don’t flip them even if they know they legally can, but the backlash would be too great because word spreads that you are just trying to pump up fees.

    Ok, Saban, he gets his 85, but he is allowed every year, to change out 25 because he can. So, guess what, every year, he drops his bottom 25 and picks up new 25 stocks. So , eventually, he has 85 super star stocks. Now the clients are happy, but they aren;t happy about the fees, so word spreads and eventually, Saban loses all his customers.

    Moral of this story.

    Saban, is doing things that isn’t in the best interset of his student athletes, tossing them to the curve. Also, he is unethically, doing things that everyone else in his industry stays away from, because of the fear of burning bridges.

    Which to this point, I don’t know how he is getting around that, maybe it is because he is winning a NC, that people look the other way. However, eventually the kids, the parents of these kids and especially coaches are going to start asking tough questions, and he is going to have to answer, and really the media has really let him off the hook.

    Someone needs to be a watch dog, and make him prove that he is not cutting people, he is not throwing kids away like trash, so he can have those 85 super stocks.

    Also, if you don’t think that gives him a complete advantage that is unethcially, but legal you always remind us. I am waiting for the day, when his recruiting dries up like the rivers in Africa deserts. Course, he will just go back to the NFL and escape it all.

    Anyway, the bottom line is, he is winning because he has to cheat his way to superior returns, instead of actually recruiting and developing guys, and dealing with the student atheletes that might not be blessed with NFL talent, but then again why was he recruiting them if that is the case. Looks like he doesn’t want to put the time into recruiting and more time into game planning, which gives him another advnatage on game days.

    ANyway, you look at it, it is clearly, not what the NCAA has in mind, with the 1 year renewals, and the medical hardships that he is abusing.

    Not sure how you which is an intelligent creature can not understand this issue, but then again, he wins NC so you are willing to except all wrong, and you my friend are the reason win at all cost was coined.

    • He is getting around because all he has to do is wave a copy of Jamarcus russell’s 60MM contract under their noses. It doesn’t matter that he is a complete bust, he got paid. It like waving a winning lottery ticket under their noses…who is t going to take a shot at it? So what if I get cut…I could be a millionaire. Most of these guys would be bagging groceries without football.

    • Is Stewart Mandel an Ohio State fan? How about Pat Forde? Greg Doyel? Jeremy Foley? Mike Slive? Are they part of this “alternative agenda” you speak of? You are the biggest purveyor of baloney on every website and blog you troll. You have more posts on Hineygate than on the ‘Bama board at Scout. The only thing this site suggests is that oversigning is a bad practice and the above mentioned folks, none of whom could ever be considered Ohio State fans, agree.

      • I don’t have media credentials and don’t need them…the Wall Street Journal on the other does have credentials and they have already written piece on saban’s abuse of Medical Hardships and I know for a fact that oversigning is on their radar and they are interviewing And investigating it further right now.

        • What about your fandom John? Would you give a damn if this was about Chip Kelly or Mack Brown? I doubt we would hear a peep out of you. I have been following this issue closely and you and your fellow apologists should be prepared for the inevitable: The NCAA amending the rules if the SEC doesn’t do it first. Good luck with that.

        • I am not an Ohio State fan at all and I still think oversigning is completely unethical and a competitive advantage.

      • For God’s sake John, are you that obsessed and paranoid that you think that no one but Buckeye fans think oversigning is a bad practice??? I will ask you again, do the CFB reporter’s like Mandel and Doyel, the AD of UF and the SEC commish have an “agenda”? none of whom are Ohio State fans? And what exactly am I in denial about, sanctimonious or otherwise?

        • They don’t need a website. They have this one. I know you think you are very clever with your inane comments about Howard Stern and “give peace a chance” but you are not especially when it is recycled garbage you post on every website you troll along with the constant drug references like “put down the crack pipe”.

          I noticed you didn’t comment on the fact that Foley has spoken out about oversigning as well as Slive. I will ask you again: what is their agenda? I have noticed you avoid answering direct questions that don’t fit your “agenda” Why is that John?

    • I work with Josh. He is indeed a very bright guy. You really have no idea who you are dealing with, here. He has one of the sharpest minds I have ever known (and I have worked in a highly technical business for more than 20 years).

      You guys had better tighten-up your chin straps every time you visit this site.

      But I could have sworn that he was an LSU fan … he worships Leslie Edwin Miles.

  9. Josh, you’ve got to trot out the bodies. Keep showing the victims. This will kill this long before any stat will. People don’t associate with stats they associate with the victims.

    I know it will be hard to get to allot of them because of repercussions. But anytime you can tell the story of an individual it will help.

  10. This is not just about alabama, but it is important to remember the last time we had a monster program win multiple NCs, Nebraska of the 90′s. Guys like DSB should take a history lesson from Nebraska. Nebraska hasn’t been the same since leaving the big8 where they were able to to sign prop48 players, and if I remember correctly they had a special walk-on scholarship program that they no longer have. What saban and Alabama are doing creates the same type of advantage and it’s removal will have the same kind of affect.

    • John, you are not fooling anyone with this.

    • “it’s” removal.

      LOL. Go back and edit that one too. Please tell me you don’t actually have a degree from Ohio State.

      Here’s the rule on something you should have learned by about the 4th grade.


      • Posted that from my phone, and it often times puts the apostrophe in when I type “its.” Besides, the name of the site is oversigning.com not oversigningwithuseofpropergrammar.com; this is a blog not a term paper.

    • I am a huge Husker fan, no doubt. I do agree with you on this with the scholarship issue of 48 players BUT every team was allowed to do it then. The biggest advantage in the 90′s for Nebraska was the walkon progam which Call@han killed. He also alienated past coaches, alumni, monetary donor and more importantly players. Bill Call@han was a cancer to the University of Nebraska, plain and simple but the walk-on program is back under Bo.

      ps. Bo Pelini was criticized as a head coach who would never make it because he didnt like to recruit. Being and honest man he said he didnt prefer to recruit in the SEC because of the unethical recruiting practices of the SEC. Was he talking about oversigning?

      • You should be aware that Joshua recently posted that Nebraska was the last team to win back to back championships and that their walk on program was an unfair advantage in the mid 90′s when Nebraska won back to back national championships. You see, when a team other than Ohio State wins, it must be because they cheat. If Nebraska is bringing the walk on program back, it will be Joshua’s excuse when Nebraska starts winning Big 10 championships.

  11. HTWMI? CNS? Do you think anyone who knows CFB doesn’t know that Mark Ingram won the Heisman last year or that Nick Saban is a coach if you don’t add those silly letters? I can only imagine how you would react if TP won the Heisman and was then referred to as HTWTP, coached by CJT playing for tOSU in COLOH.

  12. We all saw how much Saban dominated when he had to play by Big Ten rules. LOL

  13. Great point about Saban exceeding Nutt in net numbers.

  14. Ha! You calling someone “obsessed” is hilarious. What the hell did Ohio State ever do to you John? And does that “business partner” of yours know how much time you spend trying to discredit his team?

    • It’s not a matter of where the players would go, never has been, the problem isn’t where they want to go it’s how many can come each year and who gets pushed out in order to make room for them.

      What you are seeing with Alabama is an NFL-run program versus NCAA-run programs. I already know what you are going to say, “what rules have been broken?” None, but all of them have been exploited for loopholes and everything from medical hardships to oversigning has been made a mockery of since Saban landed in the SEC.

      Of course everyone is going to want to come to Alabama – the ESPN/CBS hype, they defending NCs, etc., etc. – and as long as Saban can sign 25-28 every year and cut his roster down to 85 through medical hardships and transferring out the lesser players, Alabama’s dominance will continue. It’s not rocket science.

      • You’re right, no rules have been broken unlike Tressel at Youngstown State. And as long as Alabama’s dominance under Saban continues you’ll continue to whine about it. If they change the rules on signing players you’ll find something else.

        I saw a 30 minute show on Saban the other day that was done during the offseason and sheds some light on your pet issue. Saban was talking about the composition of a team. He said that about 10% of players on a team are the leaders, 80% are followers and the other 10% don’t buy in for whatever reason. He said that last season during a practice Rolando McClain had an altercation with another player on defense, not a fight but that McClain really tore into the other player for not competing to the standard that was expected. Saban said that’s the kind of leadership you want on a team, that a message like that is a lot more effective coming from another player than it is from a coach.

        Saban obviously plans on attrition because he’s been coaching long enough to know that there will always be attrition when you’re as demanding as he is, both on and off the field. As the football team has become dominant, graduation rates have increased and off the field incidents have declined sharply, perhaps not coincidentally. Players sign up to play for Saban knowing they’ll compete for playing time and the standards will be high on and off the field. The 10% who don’t buy in (apparently like Rod Woodson) and some who do buy in but realize they’re not good enough to earn significant playing time (like Star Jackson) mostly end up going somewhere else. You can’t sit around a demanding program and grumble for 4-5 years. The coaches won’t put up with it and neither will the other players. That’s also the way it works in the real world. Everybody doesn’t fit in everywhere, no matter how carefully selected in the beginning. At places like the McKinsey consulting firm or the Big 4 accounting firms, the term for it is “up or out” and it’s understood in advance by the people who accept jobs there.

        • Your 10%, 80%, 10% description of the team chemistry is probably no different than any other team, but what you try to imply is that it is different and in some way requires special allowances for attrition. At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone has a problem with normal attrition — a guy wants to transfer for more playing time, fine — what people have a problem with is the amount of attrition, when it takes place (usually after the spring an summer camps when coaches have had extra to evaluate their players and decide who they wan to keep), and the oversigning of the roster on the front end before those decisions on who should go have been made. You will fight this to the death, but the vast majority of rational people agree that oversigning is wrong, an exploitation of a loophole, and creates an advantage. I have talked to enough ex-coaches, recruiting experts, and sports reporters to feel confident that my position on this topic is the right one. The ONLY people that oppose my position are those who are benefitting from the practice.

          • No, I didn’t try to imply that the 10-80-10 split would be different anywhere else.

            “The ONLY people that oppose my position are those who are benefitting from the practice.”

            You know this how, because you’ve polled everybody or because you can read their minds? I have never known a zealot on any topic who wasn’t certain he was right.

            You don’t speak for rational people. You have concocted some mythical land of purity in big time college athletics that doesn’t exist and never existed at Ohio State or anywhere else. You’re not rational, you’ve concocted this fantasy world to convince yourself your team is beyond reproach and the teams they can’t beat are cheaters, even if they operate within the rules. It wasn’t that long ago that you were talking about how much you valued sportsmanship (complaining about last second icing the kicker) but when “Tress” pads Pryor’s stats with a throwback pass against a cupcake team with 45 points already on the board you are mute. It’s not only unsportsmanlike to the other team and to the sport, it takes a chance for a touchdown away from one of those backups or walk ons you supposedly care so much about.

            • Your best post in over a month…lol. You left out global warming and world hunger.

            • Do you want to know how I know this?

              1. Have you seen a single non-Alabama/SEC fan bash this site or support your posts here? No.

              2. How many professionally written articles have you read that criticize oversigning.com or that have been written in support of oversigning?

              3. You are supporting something that an entire conference has already banned and that two teams in the SEC refuse to do. And from a historical standpoint you’ve already had 1 founding member of your conference leave the conference because of it – sure you’ll roll out the excuse that Georgia Tech left because an Alabama player punched a Georgia Tech player in the mouth and broke his jaw, but Bobby Doll wrote in his own book that oversigning was the main reason Georgia Tech left the SEC.

              This is not mythical or concocted and it has nothing to do with making excuses – it has everything to do with the professionalization of the sport and the exploitation of the rules the spirit in which they were created. It also has to do with what this will lead to – in gray areas like recruiting it’s easy for one thing to lead to another and next thing you know college student-athletes are free-agents with contracts, lawyers, and a players union. Do you want college football to be like the NFL, because that is what Saban has done – he has brought the NFL to college football.

              • Who’s Bobby Doll? If you mean Bobby Dodd, he pulled Georgia Tech from the SEC because Alabama and other teams in the league had bypassed him. Within a few years Dodd realized leaving the SEC had been a mistake, according to Bill Curry who was very close to Dodd. Bear Bryant tried to get Tech back in the SEC while Dodd was still alive but Georgia was against it. I am pretty sure I have been following college football, particularly the SEC, a lot longer than you have junior and I’m not going to accept your bullshit revisionist history.

                Georgia Tech would spend about 2 seconds today thinking over an invitation to join the SEC again before accepting.

                Still can’t bring yourself to comment on or even acknowledge “Tress” running up the score and padding Pryor’s stats? What ever happened to your feigned concern about sportsmanship?

                • You know who I was talking about. You may have been following college football for a long time, senior, but you obviously have never read the book Dodd’s Luck, written by Bobby Dodd and Jack Wilkinson.


                  Here is a little excerpt from Chapter 15.

                  Bobby Dodd insisted there was no other reason he left the SEC, other than the 140 Rule. The 140 Rule stated a college program could only have 140 football and basketball players on scholarship at any one time. The teams were allowed to sign up to 45 players a year, but could not exceed the 140 Rule.

                  Dodd would not allow any of the football players choosing Tech to be dismissed from Tech, because they were not good players. Dodd said, “it is not the recruits fault for not making the squad, it was the coaches fault for misjudging their talents”. If a recruit came to Tech, he would stay on a football scholarship until he graduated.

                  Dodd would sign about 30-32 players a year to meet the guidelines, but the other schools in the SEC were offering 45 scholarships a year. Those players, not good enough to fall under the 140 Rule, had their scholarships withdrawn and sent packing before the end of each year. Dodd insisted, the recruiting of athletes by this method amounted to nothing more than a tryout for a scholarship.

                  Dodd thought it unfair and would not withdraw scholarships from his players. He wanted the SEC to limit the amount of scholarships to about 32 per year. This would keep the other schools from offering 45 scholarships, picking the best, and sending the rest packing.

                  A vote was to be taken by the presidents of the colleges on the issue, and Dodd made it clear, Tech would have to leave the SEC unless the rule was changed. Dodd said he would live with 10, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 recruits per year as long as he did not have to chase any of his players off.

                  The presidents were split six for Dodd’s position and six against. Bear had promised Dodd he would get his president to vote for Dodd’s position, which would have changed the rule. When the meeting was held, Bryant did not show up and the Alabama president voted against Dodd’s position and the 140 Rule was upheld. Tech’s president immediately walked to the podium and announced Tech was withdrawing from the SEC. Bryant never told Dodd why he reneged on his promise.

                  I think I’ll take Bobby Dodd’s own words in a book he frigging wrote with Jack Wilkinson over what you think Bill Curry thinks about what happened to Georgia Tech and Bobby Dodd.

                  Here are some more gems from his book:

                  The Board of Regents had previously voted to move the easiest courses at Tech to the University of Georgia. They were removed from Tech, and most of the players were majoring in the easier subjects. The other colleges in the South began taking a copy of the calculus book to the homes of potential Tech recruits and would tell the recruits they would be required to pass that course at Tech.

                  (My comment: I wonder how much the game against Pittsburgh had to do with the Board of Regents decision to move some courses from GT to UGA?)

                  Some of the schools around the South began cheating (paying players to attend their school) and were getting the top athletes via the money route. Auburn was one of the teams, but not the only one. Auburn won the national championship in 1957, but had to forfeit the honor because of a cheating scandal..

                  Dodd reported Auburn for paying players, and the Auburn coaches hated Dodd for his part in their loss of the national championship. Dodd told all the coaches he would report any of their teams to the commissioner for cheating at recruiting. Dodd stated, “if you find me cheating, turn me in, because, I am certainly going to turn you in”.

                  I will say this, when this site started most of you told me I was completely full of shit, my numbers were wrong, and there was absolutely nothing to this topic. Shortly thereafter, many of you changed your tune and said that the numbers were right but it didn’t matter because oversigning is not against the NCAA rules. Shortly after that, those of you still hanging around and getting your ears boxed into the ground dared me to find one kid who got screwed because of oversigning. Along comes Elliott Porter, Chris Garrnett, and Steven Wesley, all kids that got screwed because of oversigning. A month or so later, just out of the blue, The Wall Street Journal decides to publish an article on Nick Saban’s use of Medical Hardships, an article that included the following quote from a former Alabama football player: “College football is all about politics. And this is a loophole in the system” in reference to him being placed on a medical hardships to free up room for an oversigned roster. What some of you might not have heard, which I am working on getting, is the audio from an interview with the writer of the WSJ article where he states that several players he talked to were simply not willing to go on record with their comments out of fear of the backlash.

                  And now here we are, months later, from what started out as total bullshit in your eyes to the center of a WSJ investigation (which is going on right now) on the topic of oversigning.

                  You tell me who has their head up their own ass.

              • Tell us some more about Joshua DSB. Do you mean to say he was lying when he posted on wsj.com that he doesn’t live in California and doesn’t have any particular interest in the SEC?

              • Correction, Joshua said he DOES live in California in his wsj.com post. You mean he doesn’t actually live there, he lives in SEC country and is mocked and ridiculed on a daily basis?

              • I’ve been asked about it and I’ll tell you the same thing I tell them. I am not a professional writer, this is not my livelihood, and I am not the focus of the topic. Surprisingly, those in the in business, you know the real professional guys who do this for a living, understand and respect the fact that I am not a public figure and this is not what I do for a living, and furthermore, they don’t care. They have all done their own research away from this site and they have all come to the same conclusion, something is wrong and it needs to change.

                You are hung up on the details of my personal life, half of which you have never had correct by the way, because for some reason you think if you can discredit this site the whole topic will just go away. And what is really crazy is that you don’t really want the topic to go away, as I have mentioned, you could care less about oversigning (pro or con), you just love to find people on the Internet to argue and battle with. In fact, I am going to worry about you when the oversigning loophole is closed and this site is no longer useful – I’m already thinking of new topics so that I can continue to serve as your daily Internet argument site.

              • You and DP have succeeded again in diverting the focus away from the actual issue of oversigning. Well done – you never disappoint.

                Why didn’t you use this analogy? If a rape victim decides to do a story on rapists are we to discredit the victim for having an agenda against rapists, or even further should we discredit the entire topic of rape? Are we to only give credit to a story on rapists if it is written by one? Not that I equate any of this to rape, but it’s analogous to what you are trying to say.

                Can we please get off of this and talk about oversigning? Has it become so difficult for you to combat the actual topic and facts surrounding oversigning that the only time you chime in is when you want to bash Ohio State or when you want to try and divert the topic away from oversigning and onto the origin of the writer?

                I allow all of your comments to go through and I give you an equal opportunity to discuss oversigning here. Time and time again you take advantage of that opportunity and try to shift the focus away from oversigning and onto your favorite topic “Ohio State.”

  15. Wow, more of that cracker jack wit John. I don’t know how you manage to keep coming up with these knee slappers.

    • You know John, if you didn’t spend more time on websites that are dedicated to the Buckeyes than you do on ‘Bama, you could avoid the obvious frustration it causes you that these sites are filled with unabashed Buckeyes who love their team to the point of irrationality. You know, just like every other fan base? Just sayin………………….

  16. Joshua, you are full of shit and you’re a liar as I’ve demonstrated on multiple occasions. And you’re a hypocrite to boot. After all your whining about sportsmanship you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge “Tress” running up the score on Eastern Michigan to push a Heisman campaign for the most overhyped and overrated college football player in the country, Tyrelle Pryor. That was a great win over the Mighty Fighting Illini yesterday.

    What do you think Bobby Dodd was going to say in his book, that he screwed his own school by pulling them out of the SEC in a petulant act because he couldn’t compete?

    • I don’t comment on your BS because it has nothing to do with the topic of oversigning.

    • You mentioned earlier that Georgia wouldn’t allow the Jackets back in the SEC. I had always heard people say it was Miss and Miss St? You would know better than I. Was Georgia really the deal breaker or the Miss schools to getting Tech back in the SEC?

    • Eastern Michigan, the team Tressel ran the score up on with a throwback pass to Pryor with 45 points already on the board, is so bad that they’re a 26 point underdog to Vanderbilt today. Running up the score and padding Pryor’s stats against a team like that is about as unsportsmanlike as it gets.

  17. Letting 2nd and 3rd teamers play is not running up the score.

  18. So much hostility! Can’t this be discussed in a civil manner?
    Joshua, I’m a Michigan fan and I appreciate what you’re doing here. Hopefully the NCAA closes this loophole. It’s been discussed extensively on MGoBlog by Brian. It’s really terrible that these kids are treated like replaceable commodities that can be expended whenever the coaches desire. If delusional Bama fans want to believe that their unbelievably quick rise to success has nothing to do with oversigning and forcing lesser players out, then that’s their problem.

  19. Bucksdominate,
    I am not a Bucks fan by any means but you need to included other coaches to the mix to gain credibility from the other followers on the site who condone, support and dont think there is anything unethical with oversigning. For credibility reasons, there are many other coaches in college football who do not follow the mold many of the teams in the SEC do. Tressel, Brown, Stoops, Kelly, Peterson, Bielma, etc all fall into the non-oversigning category. Just be be firm, I loved your post and agree with it completely but followers of the site and oversigning fans seem to try and take away your credibility by saying you are Ohio State homer which I dont believe. Oversigning is completely wrong, unethical and I believe its cheating. Good post. Great job Josh.

  20. Vesper,
    This is where teams are different….players are not TOLD to greyshirt, they are OFFERED a greyshirt on the terms they will not have a scholly the first year but they WILL the second. WOW

  21. I love this. DP and Deepsthboy continue to try and find a loophole to this argument just as Ole Miss, LSU and Ole Miss have found in oversigning.

  22. Anyone with half a football brain knows you win with players. Not dismissing what you are saying, just saying that having players trumps all of those things you mentioned.

  23. Oversigning is a truly abhorrent practice that has no place in college sports. Kudos to the author for providing some facts to illustrate the severity of this problem and having the courage to expose the most coaches who employ this tactic the most. Keep up the good work; the sooner this practice is banned, the fewer kids will be discarded like a piece of meat.

  24. I really don’t understand what the big fuss is about. The players all understand what they are getting into. It’s not like they are being forced to come to school at Alabama… They want to come to school here. How is it unethical to over sign if the kids know there is a chance of a grey shirt or not making the cut? The kids get a shot, which is more than they would have if the greyshirting was not allowed.

    I’ve signed that letter of intent. I read it and understood that what I was being offered was NOT a 4 year deal. It’s pretty clear that it’s not a 4 year deal. Alabama is playing by the rules as they are set forth. Your coaches may not feel they want to recruit that way, which is their option. I’m sure they can use that as a selling point for a player and use over signing against Alabama where we might both be going after the same recruit. I have no issues with over signing as when it’s all said and done there will only be 85 players on scholarship.

    If you want to petition the NCAA to get the rules change, so be it. When and if the rules change I am sure Alabama will comply. However, I feel the NCAA has too much involvement in it already. Life isn’t an equal playing field and we all make choices in life and have to learn from them. These kids don’t have to choose to come to Alabama.

    If they get “cut” from the team, then they have every option to go try to make it on a different team. I really have not problems with this.

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