Ohio vs. Troy

Here are some interesting numbers regarding Ohio University and Troy University.  They played each other in the New Orleans Bowl last night with Troy winning in convincing fashion, 48-21, and it was never really that close.  

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  1. Someone needs to use these numbers to attack not just the coaches – but the college presidents as well, to put their feet to the fire. Let them go on record to explain just how it is they’re running a respectable place of higher learning without looking after the best interests of their students. How is Troy any different than a minor league football operation?

    How about it Dr. Jack Hawkins, Troy University Chancellor?

    Perhaps every mention on this site of schools that oversign should come with the school president’s name attached, as well as his contact info.

    • As a Georgia graduate, I recently e-mailed both the president, Michael Adams, and the athletic director, Greg McGarity, asking them to get more aggressive about ridding the SEC of oversigning.

      (Georgia, Florida, and Vanderbilt don’t oversign… but unfortunately we share much of the stain that these utterly embarrassing SEC West states and schools have brought upon the conference with this disgusting behavior.)

      I got responses from both Adams and McGarity making it clear this is on their radar and is going to increasingly be addressed. McGarity even referenced a Big 10 rule that bans the practice and said he believes it will soon be passed in the SEC and all of the NCAA.

      • Thank god Dawg,

        I praise your univeristy and Mark Richt. I know Mark might be under fire for not producing wins like everyone in the Dawg Nation wants, but he will not cheat and sell his intregity to not get fired. He will leave with a good consceince he didn’t sell his soul to the devil. I hope he can turn it around, but unfornately it isn’t his fault he has to compete against NFL factories in your conference. It is a real shame what has become of the SEC.

      • Why don’t you write them to get UGA out of the SEC. I think oversigning should stop but I also think constantly complaining about it is as pathetic as attacking the fans. There is nothing we can do about it. Get over it. Maybe your team can start winning so you can stop bitching.

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