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We are still working on the cup standings and we are working on a piece about Saban's comments regarding his numbers.  We are having a hard time believing that with the addition of 24 new players (22 recruits that signed this year + 2 grayshirts from last year) that Alabama is exactly at 85 right now, which is what he implied by saying what they signed is what they had room for right now. 

Saban said Alabama has signed the number of players that it could.

"We could add one or so to that, if the opportunity presents itself in the future," he said...


A cursory check of the roster shows 14 seniors, 6 of which were on the scout team, 3 juniors leaving for the NFL, and 1 transfer prior to signing day.  That is a departure of 12 scholarship players.  In order for Alabama to be full right now, they had to have been under the 85 cap by 12 last year.  If they were under the cap of 85 by 12 then why did two players grayshirt on the last day before the deadline last year?  It just doesn't add up.  We're going to break it all down in a separate post.

In the meantime, here is a break down of the class signings for all BCS conferences.  No surprises here.  The conference with all those teams ranked in the top 15 in recruiting had the most players signed by a landslide.  Again, where would all those teams rank if they were restricted to only taking what they have room for like everyone else?

2011 Recruiting Numbers - Players Signed - Big 10, SEC, ACC, Pac12

B1G Signed   SEC Signed   ACC Signed   Pac12 Signed
Illinois 27   South Carolina 30   Florida St 29   USC 29
Iowa 23   Arkansas 30   Clemson 29   Wash St. 25
Ohio State 23   Tennessee 27   Virginia 26   Oregon St. 24
Minnesota 22   Mississippi 27   UNC 25   Washington 23
Indiana 21   Georgia 25   BC 23   Oregon 23
Michigan State 21   Auburn 24   GT 22   Cal 22
Wisconsin 20   Kentucky 24   VT 21   Arizona 21
Michigan 20   LSU 22   NC State 20   Colorado 19
Nebraska 19   Miss State 22   Duke 20   Utah 19
Northwestern 17   Alabama 22   Maryland 20   Stanford 19
Penn State 16   Vanderbilt 21   Miami 16   UCLA 16
Purdue 15   Florida 18   Wake 14   ASU 13
Total 244   Total 292   Total 265   Total 253
Average 20   Average 24   Average 22   Average 21

2011 Recruiting Numbers - Players Signed - B12 & Big East

Big 12 Signed Big East Signed
Ok State 27   Syracuse 26
Texas Tech 27   Cincinnati 24
Kansas 26   Rutgers 24
Kansas State 25   West Virginia 22
Iowa State 22   USF 21
Texas A&M 22   Pitt 20
Texas 22   Louisville 19
Baylor 19   UConn 16
Missouri 17      
Oklahoma 17      
Total 224   Total 172
Average 22   Average 21.5

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  1. Site would improve credibility if it targeted schools instead of conferences. Several SEC schools do not oversign but the thread is consistently the SEC is bad the big ten is good. Point out that this is mostly an SEC Western Division issue and it would stand scrutiny better.

    • This is a post about the BCS conference numbers and comparing them conference by conference. I think everyone that reads the site and has been following it for a while knows that not everyone in the SEC oversigns, Florida, Georgia, and Vanderbilt are well known for not oversigning.

      • David,
        He is just comparing the conferences and never lumps them together as saying one conference completely oversigns and one doesnt.

    • Newflash David Jones, if the SEC put in place a rule with some teeth and a legit intent to keep schools from not signing 28×4=112 over 4 years then they wouldn’t be a target. Florida is pretty responsible and they need to throw around their weight to fix the league rules. or everyone who doesn’t do it (which is 100 of the 118 schools it would seem) need to fuss to the NCAA to fix it for them.

  2. Joshua, the Big 12′s numbers can’t be right. Adding them up manually I got 224 signed, which puts them at an average of 22.5 signed per school.

  3. Alabama is the only school that doesn’t release the number of athletes it has on scholarship. Shady, very shady.


    • Alabama’s the only school with a web site dedicated to spinning everything it has to say on the subject into something negative. Miles’ treatment of Elliott Porter was the very thing OS.com rails against — and you never hear Miles name at all here

      Purdue left a Tampa kid high and dry right before signing day. His coach banned Purdue from recruiting at the school in the future, citing a total lack of professionalism. Nothing.

      To the extent this site has decided that taking down Saban in effect takes down the whole system (which sounds like a good strategy), it has morphed into anti-Saban.com. In the process it has seriously diluted its message and lost a lot of credibility.

  4. SC signed 21 and added 8 EE who counted against the 2010 class. This point has been raised and backed up with verifiable links numerous times, yet you continue to publish inaccurate info.

    You need to correct this or folks will assume that you have an axe to grind and any info shooting down your agenda is not to be seen. Which is it? Are you guys really trying to address this issue or just nail any realist threat to the Big 10? Be honest or don’t be here at all.

  5. realistic threat, not realist threat.

  6. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it. If you don’t have accurate info, then don’t post it at all.

    Look, there are only a half dozen or so programs that really are in the gun sights, so the main focus needs to be there. If you don’t have the case against a program, then don’t make it at all.

    Proof exonerating USC has been presented here (as requested by the mods) repeatedly. Either review the data and correct your page, present concrete evidence refusing the data, or take down the teams listing while the matter is in doubt. This is not rocket science.

    Hiding behind the “confusion of the situation” isn’t a valid excuse either. Everyone knows that USC is appealing their sanctions, and until their appeal is ruled on, the penalties are stayed. This is standard jurisprudence. If you’re not convinced as to the status of the appeal, well, doesn’t the program in question get the benefit of the doubt until the final verdict is in?

    • help give the right information. i assure you he is busting his junk to get x number of teams. there are bound issues here and there. You know better information? email it to him. stop grousing.

  7. Add two more for the SEC:

    John Jenkins moves Georgia to 26.

    Jacoby Brissett moves Florida to 19.

  8. This is Nebraska’s distribution chart. They are up to 84 scholarship players and had one greyshirt. They had to offer one greyshirt because they have a kid from last years recruiting class trying to qualify and are leaving open a scholarship for him. Leaving a scholarship open! This is what a school that doesnt oversign will do. If this was Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, UNC, Miss. St, Arkansas, Troy, etc they would just offer him a scholarship even if they were 7+ like they usually are. Pelini is not a snake like those oversigning head coaches.


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