Step in the Right Direction

It's a small step in the right direction.

It is very interesting to read that Susan Peal, administrator of the NLI program, does not support grayshirting.

Attention all recruits that have been told by coaches that you might have to take a grayshirt if the numbers aren't there, the coaches telling you this are doing something that is not supported by the NLI program!!! Be very cautious of any coach that is selling you on the POSSIBILITY of having to take a grayshirt, especially if they are oversigning, you could get screwed. Educate yourself on this before signing anything!


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  1. Joshua,

    I wondered where you had been lately. I posted a link to that article a few weeks back thinking you would like it.

    • Needless to say, I have been a little busy…keeping a healthy balance between family, work, and the blog is a difficult task.

  2. I would say another thing to look at is the track record of the coach. Any coach who uses gray shirts, but every one of their kids gets in is one thing, as long as the kids know ahead of time and agree with it.

    Any coach who tries to gray shirt a kid and then that kid is left out is deplorable, or a coach that ambushes a kid right before signing day so that they do not have time to look at alternatives if they want to go somewhere else and start playing right away.

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