Jeff Schultz on Today’s Events

We'll have more later over the weekend, for now here's a very good article by Jeff Schultz at the AJC.  He hits the nail on the head.


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  1. FYI: Need to update the Against Oversigning.

    Jim Tressel is no longer coach… who would want ethical advice from him anyway? Also, Mark Richt and Will Muschamp voted against rules aimed to curb oversigning… so I don’t think that it’s very fair to include them either. In fact, Mark Richt should be added to the “In Favor” of category.

    • Josh is still in mourning. Or maybe he thinks Tressel will still get hired back?

      Talk about your competitive advantages. Maybe OSu wouldn’t have all those tied B10 championships if they hadn’t been using ineligible players.

  2. Mark Richt, in supporting elements of grayshirting, wondered the other day about the recruit who just really wants to go to Georgia and there’s no scholarship available. How about this: Go the “Rudy” route. Enroll as a student, try to make it as a walk on and maybe get a scholarship the following year. But no promises, no signatures, no funny numbers.

    First Luke and now the AJC – this concept seems to be really catching on. I’ll ask again. If you’re going to argue that the SEC signing limits don’t limit opportunities because the affected recruits can just pay their own way, then how can you argue that it is unethical for a coach to take away an athletic scholarship from one of his players? All they have to do is stay in school, pay their own way, and be a walk-on if they want to be a part of the team. If Rudy could do it, why can’t everybody else, right?

    • Thats almost an insult to the millions of college students who do get student loans to pay for their education. How are his educational options limited? Is he forced to forsake all student loans? Remember, education is more important than football. You can’t ignore that fact.

      • Then I’ll ask you for the third time. How is it unethical for a coach to “cut” (i.e. take away the athletic scholarship) from one of his players? According to you, all he has to do is get a grant or loan and finish his education, right?

        • Opportunity != ethical. Thats what you are trying to equate. His opportunity is not dimished, but the coach just did an unethical thing. See the difference?

          • The primary arguement as to why cutting players is unethical has been that they are denied the opportunity to continue their education. Maybe you never made that claim, but many others have argued that such players are “kicked to the curb”, denied the opportunity to finish their college eduction, etc… I would be willing to wager that the guy who runs this site doesn’t share your view.

  3. Yawn. This is nonsense. The reason why UGA and Florida oppose oversigning is because they don’t need to. Their states are #1 and #2 in Division 1 football players produced per capita. Also, Florida due to their location and name recognition can recruit nationally, and UGA does very well recruiting out of state also. Further, UGA and Florida don’t share their states with other SEC schools, and UGA is the only serious football power (sorry Georgia Tech) in their state. Basically, UGA and Florida can sign whoever they want and still have players left over, where South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and particularly Mississippi State and Arkansas, who are from much more talent poor states and/or share states with other SEC schools or football powers (the Gamecocks, for instance, are only the #2 football school in that state) have to hustle, often for those “left over.” Maybe not Alabama and LSU so much, but definitely the other schools.

    So Schultz is just being a homer. Alabama, Auburn and LSU always beat UGA when those programs have top 10 teams (and even sometimes when they don’t!) and lately Arkansas and South Carolina have started beating UGA too. Schultz knows that if those schools were to stop overbooking, UGA would have a competitive advantage due to their superior recruiting situation: in a state with a lot more talent than Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee AND with no other SEC or other significant recruiting rival. While Florida does at least compete with Miami and FSU in that state (USF, UCF, FAU and FIU not so much) well the Gators lost two SEC title games to Alabama teams that went on to win the national title (in 1992 and 2009) and you know that they figure that by limiting Alabama’s talent pool, they will stop that from happening again. They also want to keep Tennessee from getting as good as they were under Johnny Majors (when they owned the Gators) and would rather South Carolina not start getting the talent that Clemson has been wasting the past 25 years (because unlike UGA, South Carolina would actually use it to beat Florida).

    UGA and Florida aren’t looking out for the integrity of the game, and they certainly aren’t looking out for the athletes. Proof of this: Florida and UGA led the SEC in arrests and other off-the-field trouble under Richt, Meyer and Zook BY FAR. Instead, UGA and Florida are just trying to make sure that they will have an easier time beating South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn and LSU. Schultz is just advocating what is best for his hometown school. Were Georgia Tech to become a regional or national power, and were Georgia Southern, Georgia State or Kennesaw State move up to the FBS level and become prominent, routinely ranked mid-majors (meaning that UGA were forced to compete for players like Alabama, Auburn, South Carolina and Arkansas does instead of just getting the best players from one of the most loaded states in terms of football players in the country by default) then oversigning would start looking just as good to UGA as it does to Auburn (the #2 SEC school in a much more talent-poor state).

  4. You mean Richt talks outta both sides – why did he not stand up and vote this crap down in the coaches meeting. He proved he isn’t a man if you ask me, talking nonsense for months and when the rubber hits the road he becomes a quiet little mouse. Me wonders where that guy texasdawg is these days…professing his love for Richt in all things ethical.

    • But Josh is trying to find the SEC’s “version” of Tressel, and he THINKS he’s found it in Richt. I can tell you this–we sent my son to Richt’s football camp last summer. Richt was supposed to be an active participant in the camp, and each of the campers was supposed to meet him. Richt showed up at the very beginning of camp, spoke for 5 minutes, and then left and never showed up again. We felt ripped off. I think the guy is smug and arrogant, just like Tressel. So maybe it’s appropriate that Josh holds him up in the same light he tried to hold Tressel.

      • ^^ there is a reason Richt is getting outworked in his own state as well as getting whooped on the field.

        But being an SEC homer, I hope GA crushes Boise State. I just don’t buy into the whole Richt hype machine. Just like I don’t by into the Big Ten is more ethical than other conferences hype — the past 10 years proves that the Big Ten is one of the “dirtiest” conferences in college sports…but hey, lets not talk about any of that, lets talk about oversigning (cause we are in the discussion with the parents when all this goes down).

        I mean, the kids who are transferring aren’t getting playing time, were 4 star recruits and now having to go to a smaller school to play. Yeah, they were lied to…they just weren’t good enough to keep up with the other talent so they tell you some sad story how they were pushed out, blah blah.

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