Open Letter To Petey Smith, Corey Grant, and Any Other Players Considering a Transfer

To: Petey, Corey, and Others,

If you have not yet finalized your transfer plans, we would like to strongly recommend to you that you contact Marc Bailey at www.parentsofplayers.com to discuss your rights under by-law  Marc is experienced in negotiating fair treatment for players looking to transfer, being forced to transfer, or just flat not being renewed, and he might be able to negotiate with your coaches to sign a "sit out waiver" so that you can continue to pursue your football and educational interests at the FBS level instead of going to JUCO or FCS. 

Please consider talking to Marc, he's a former player that understands the difficult and life-altering decisions you have to make at this crucial time in your life, and he also knows about all the tricks coaches are going to use on you to encourage you to transfer out of their program so they can get their roster down to 85 players by August.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by spending 10 minutes on the phone with him and he might be able to help you land at another SEC school or another FBS school, especially if you feel as though your transfer was encouraged in any way.   If you don't feel comfortable in talking to Marc, ask your high school coach to contact him.

Whether you know it or not, this is the time of year coaches purge their rosters to get down to the 85 limit.  Many student-athletes such as yourself often times find themselves in a numbers crunch and are encouraged to look at options they wouldn't normally look at on their own.  We don't know everything about your situations, but we know several others that have been encouraged to seek playing time elsewhere in order for a coach to get his roster down to 85.   This often times happens when a coach oversigns a roster and brings in someone he thinks is better.  Typically the coach will keep everyone through the spring, despite knowing there wont' be room for everyone in the fall, work everyone through the spring, and then after spring ball and evaluating the players he will tell certain players that they won't get playing time because they are buried in the depth chart (a chart that is oversigned always means someone has to go).  If this is the case, you have rights and you should not be encouraged to downgrade your collegiate career so that a coach can get his numbers down before the deadline in August because he oversigned in February.

To any student-athletes that feel they are being pushed or encouraged to transfer: you too should contact Marc and allow him to help you navigate the complicated waters of by-law  Under this by-law, the NCAA suggests that the student-athlete have an advocate while going through the non-renewal process of your scholarship which leads to the release so that you can transfer.  Your parents or guardians are most likely not equipped to handle this, Marc is. 

Suggestions for who should be involved:

a. Financial aid office (NOTE: NCAA legislation requires an institution's regular financial aid authority to notify the student-athlete in writing of the opportunity for a hearing).

b. Financial aid hearing/appeals committee.

c. Athletics department.

d. Coach.

e. Student-athlete.

f. Advocate for the student-athlete (e.g., parent, legal guardian, immediate family member).


Marc can help you!

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  1. It’s touching the concern that you’ve shown for Alabama football players, but a little odd that you’ve shown absolutely no concern whatsoever for any other players. The following players have all announced transfers within the last few weeks and many from oversigned schools, but I guess if you were to address them it would take away from the perception you’re trying to create that transfers only happen at Alabama.

    Dorian Bell – Ohio State
    Cody Green – Nebraska
    Brandon Ware – Penn State
    Zach Brown – Wisconsin
    Brandon Clear – Clemson
    Dan Wenger – Notre Dame
    Matt Romine – Notre Dame (scholarship not renewed)
    Washaun Ealey – Georgia
    Mike Blakely – Florida
    Chris Dunkley – Florida
    Javares McRoy – Florida
    Tyler Gabbert – Missouri
    James Capello – Iowa State
    Ryan Williams – Memphis
    Mo Seisay – Memphis
    Storm Johnson – Miami
    Travis Williams – Miami
    Kevin Nelson – Miami
    Jamal Reid – Miami
    Devont’a Davis – Miami
    Marcus Trice – Oklahoma
    Austin Fuller – Virginia Tech
    Tyler Smith – Maryland
    Russell Wilson – North Carolina State

    • Bravo, sir. That’s my biggest gripe with this site is the constant, unwavering belief that only Nick Saban does wrong. Two transfers this year from Alabama (yes, there will be more), but Miami has 5 on that list, Florida has 3, and ND has a couple – including an outright cut. But let’s talk about the 2 kids on Alabama’s roster who WILL NEVER PLAY AT ALABAMA instead.

    • UGA and Florida do not over sign. Don’t know about the others. Pointing at others, whether correctly or incorrectly, is not a defense. You’re just trying to shine the spotlight elsewhere.

      • Not even close. It is about equality – which this site harps about (being equal in offering scholarships, etc) but does not practice (constantly going on his anti-Alabama rants, fudging numbers to make Alabama look worse than many other schools that are much more guilty, and conveniently forgetting that his wunder-Coach is now gone because of the constant rule breaking done by him).

  2. I got an idea, instead of requiring the player to contact you to find out what options he has, why don’t you spell them out here, instead of writing this letter? I know i would like to see what you expect to tell these guys were they to contact you about this by-law.

  3. Yes. Please contact the racist site that wants tp limit minorities from ever attending a major college in the first place. They will certainly exploit you for their own racist cause. The fact they put your names as the subject of this article shows they already have exploited you and have every intention of doing further.

    • Why, if something doesn’t turn out the way you want/expect it to, does it become a race thing? I wish I had an automatic excuse everytime I didn’t get what I wanted, whether I was qualified for it or not. “Oh, it must be because I’m…(insert excuse here). You can do anything you want to do if you try hard enough. If you feel that you didn’t get something that you did actually deserve, maybe it had less to do w/ the color of your skin or your nationality and more to do w/ your attitude.

    • As much as I disagree with this site on so many levels I have seen nothing that would indicate racism.

      As I would say to Josh about his many accusations, if you have some proof, please provide it. Without it, you are doing no better than Josh when he accuses people of things believes must be going on.

      Not to mention, whatever your cause is, you do it no good by making such comments without some solid basis.

  4. If any of the athletes involved know they won’t play, why shouldn’t they be allowed to transfer? Is it the contention of this site that every athlete, regardless of their ability, be allowed to play as much as they see fit. I guarantee the vast number of athletes on every team in the nation feel they should be a starter or at least a backup that gets the chance to play in all games. Only 22 players can be on the field at one time. I know if I believe that I am good enough to get on the field and my coach doesn’t agree then I am going to transfer rather than ride the bench.

  5. This is a gripe I have had with Coach Saban since he came to Bama. I’m afraid we have become like a pro team, cut and draft players.
    My only question is why has none of the players who has been cut not come forward complaining? There are rumors floating around that these players who are ask to leave are well compensated and sign papers that they agree to keep quiet, Lord I hope this is not true.t

  6. It appears that alabama has alot of this every year and no matter what anyone says it is destroying a young mans life or disruppting it . master saban should not be so cut throat and evil when he is sitting behind doors plotting to complete the trick he started at the recuiting process. thats the plantation mentality at bama since sabans be there. he just wants to win at any cost…it will sit at his door step soon.

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