Baseball Oversigning

You've been warned.  Oversigning in College Baseball is just as bad if not worse than it is in Football.  Here is just a small taste from Arkansas' Baseball Coach, Dave Van Horn:

Q: In your opinion, what does it take for a Big Ten school to get up to par with SEC schools and the nation's elite?

A: They need to commit to it. They need to commit to it 100 percent and put some money into it. They need to let them oversign a little bit because they know they'll lose kids in the draft. I know they can't, and to me that's ridiculous. If a kid in your program is a junior and projected to go in the first round, you should be able to recruit a guy to replace him. If he comes back, it works out. It's crazy that they don't do that. They need to straighten that out.

Q: Your program has been hit hard by the draft in the last two years. Is oversigning a more critical factor than people realize?

A: Yes. It's ridiculous. We signed 16 kids this year, and 13 of them got drafted. It's just the way it is. We should have the freedom to do what we need to do, and we do. The Big Ten doesn't. If they only have so much money available for seniors, that's all they get. You're never going to be able to compete with southern schools if you don't let them oversign. They have good players, but they don't have enough depth.


Stay tuned!

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