LSU Scholarship Numbers

Based on these two links from LSU fan sites, LSU is still 6 over the 85 limit.

That puts us at six over the limit (I'm taking the cautious route here, acknowledging the self-imposed two-scholarship reduction, though I'm not sure exactly how that will play out). Of everything I've mentioned above my guesses are that Fordham won't be on scholarship, one or two of the freshman won't qualify and a couple of the guys will take medical hardships (Kellen Theriot being the main candidate), which will get us right into the 83 we need. All in all, the roster is in pretty healthy shape, otherwise.



Earlier this week we did a quick Q&A with Cody Worsham, Sport Editor at DigBatonRouge.com for an LSU story he is working on.  Worsham is interested, as are many, to see how the final numbers are going to work out for LSU this year.  We'll post a link when he runs his article.

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