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Why are we here? This site exists because we believe that there is a loophole in the NCAA By-Laws for recruiting that allows coaches to exploit the signing process and sign more players than they have room for, thus creating an environment where players have to be removed from scholarships in order for the school to remain under the 85 scholarship limit.

We believe that before a player signs a letter of intent two things need to happen first:

1.) The school accepting the signed letter of intent has to prove to the NCAA that there is room for the player on the roster at the time the letter of intent is signed.

2.) All student-athletes must qualify academically, both by the NCAA clearinghouse and the school, prior to signing the letter of intent.

Required Reading:
In order to establish a historical reference to the practice of oversigning, we ask that you take a few minutes and visit these links.

History Lesson - Alabama's Roots in Oversigning

Why Did Georgia Tech Leave the SEC

These two diagrams pretty much summarize the difference between oversigning and what we consider to be the proper way to recruit new student-athletes and build a roster of 85 scholarship players without having to run off players.

Oversigning to gain a competitive advantage or hedge against known and unknown future attrition

Signing players to avoid unnecessary roster cuts and operate within the spirit of recruiting and retaining student athletes

About the site:
This site is dedicated to the investigation of the practice of oversigning college football players.  Throughout the course of this journey we will touch on a number of surround topics, all of which pertain to recruiting, but our hope is to maintain our focus on the practice of oversigning.  After having numerous long conversations on college football message boards on the topic of oversigning, we had several people suggest that we create a blog on the topic of oversigning.  Of all the topics we have ever talked about on message boards, this topic always seemed to be the most fascinating.

If we could ask one thing of our readers it's that we ask that you read this site with an open-mind and focus on the topic of oversigning.  We don't want this site to turn into a third grade pissing match between conference or team affiliations.  Who you root for really doesn't matter here, what matters is that we discover and investigate the practice of oversigning.

Topics we hope to discuss include:
1. The definition of oversigning.
2. The affect it has on college football.
3. What happens to the players that are cut?  What is their story?
4. Which programs oversign the most, least, and why?
5. Whether or not it creates a competitive advantage.
6. Recruiting Budgets - exactly how many players should each team sign each year.
7. The role of recruiting services.

We will attempt to provide meaningful and accurate charts and data, links to supplemental information and articles on the topic of oversigning and recruiting practices, as well as feedback from our readers.