Dieon Green was Lied to – Victim of Oversigning

Update: Shortly after this story ran, the Orlando Sentinel pulled it and replaced it with the following.


Interesting to say the least, but common sense would have you believe that Green was telling the truth about being lied to by Coach Huxtable.  However, he suddenly remembers that they told him it might be a possibility that he would have to defer his early enrollment to the fall.

"They had too many guys on scholarship so they couldn't bring me in." Green said. "I wouldn't say I'm looking elsewhere. I've always been open to listening to anyone.

"They told me in December that it was a possibility that I wouldn't be able to come in early. They told me to be prepared just in case, and to go through with filling out all my courses and all that stuff."

During his first interview with the Sentinel on Wednesday, Green vented about his deep disappointed in not being allowed to enroll at UCF this month, as planned. He later contacted the newspaper to reaffirm his commitment to UCF.

UCF signed three four junior college players and brought them in early -- LB Terran Buck, LB Ray Cottman, DE Toby Jackson and DT Jose Jose. The one scholarship left went to DE Joey Grant, a true freshman from Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley. Those five players will count against last year's alottment of scholarships, of which there were five left over and went unused for various reasons.

That left UCF, and Green, out of options for spring semester. Green was in place if one of the junior college players' enrollment fell through.

Regardless of who you believe, the problem here is still the same, the numbers crunch.  UCF was waiting to see if a group of JUCO players would qualify before allowing Dieon to sign and enroll.  Our position is that this needs to be EXPLICT with the student athlete and there should NEVER BE ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER as to when he can enroll.  If you are that close to the borderline then just don't commit to anything until you know for sure.  Many coaches are lying to these kids, which most likely was the case here but Deion probably decided it was in his best interest to patch things up with UCF, and doing all they can to keep them from looking elsewhere, regardless if they have the room or not.

Original Post:

Just another sad story of a kid being lied to by coaches and a University that allows oversigning.  Now that the light is on the stories are coming out of the wood works.   This time it is Central Florida.

"I feel like I was lied to. I feel like they weren't 100 percent honest with me the whole time," Green said Wednesday. "They knew how many guys they were bringing in. They knew they were going to be cutting it close. It's not like the numbers changed.

"Coach Huxtable told me that I would be the first high school guy they would bring in. The first guy after all of the juco players and then they brought in Joey Grant (Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley). They brought in Joey and Coach Huxtable told me I would be first in line. He lied to me."

"Signing day is not as clear as it used to be."

"They should have told me about the numbers back closer to when I committed," said Green, who committed July 31. "Coach Huxtable just kept saying, 'We want to bring you in early to help the team.’



June Jones – Oversigner

The SEC is not alone on the topic of oversigning...

Stumbled across a nice little article, it's a little dated but still good to see this stuff show up on the radar.


"In February, SMU released nine players from scholarship due to "failure to adhere to our department policies and/or team rules". While I'm sure there was justification for their dismissal, would coach June Jones have been so quick with the ax had he not just signed 26 fresh faces just nine days earlier? It should be noted that five of the dismissed players appealed having their scholarships revoked and three players won their appeal."

Glad to hear a few of those kids won their appeal.  This type of oversigning seems to fall into the category of "new coach comes in and wants to gut the team."  We'll need to do some digging, but it doesn't appear that Jones has a history of oversigning...we'll follow up on this.