The 1 Year Renewable Excuse

One of the more popular excuses we hear from those who defend oversigning is that football scholarships are 1 year renewable scholarships.  However, the one thing most of those same people forget to mention or struggle to comprehend, and this is the very loophole in the NCAA by-laws that is being exploited, is that the deadline for scholarship renewal is July 1st, nearly 5 months after national signing day.  This enables coaches to sign as many players as they can get away with in February and then gives them 5 months to figure out who they don't want to keep come July. Institutional Obligation. The renewal of institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability shall be made on or before July 1 prior to the academic year in which it is to be effective. The institution shall promptly notify in writing each student-athlete who received an award the previous academic year and who has eligibility remaining in the sport in which financial aid was awarded the previous academic year (under Bylaw 14.2) whether the grant has been renewed or not renewed for the ensuing academic year. Notification of financial aid renewals and non-renewals must come from the institution’s regular financial aid authority and not from the institution’s athletics department. (Revised: 1/10/95) 

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