Now We Know Why Tommy Tuberville Oversigned Every Year

Gene Chizik and Auburn made a concerted effort this year not to oversign their roster.  Coming off of a year (2010) where they signed 32, in large part because they were well below the 85 limit in 2009, they signed 24 recruits, which appears to be 2 less than they could have signed based on the number of players that departed last year and the number of players they had on scholarship at the end of the season.

With the numbers already low due to the dismissal of Eric Smith for violation of team rules and a checked past that included a couple of arrests, Auburn suffered a huge loss of 4 players due to being arrested for armed robbery and other felonies.  This alone puts them roughly 7 under the 85 limit, and if that were not enough, yesterday Chizik announced that 4 more players are not currently with the team.  If in fact they are gone for good that would be 9 players since national signing day and it is very possible that Auburn could start the season with 74 scholarship players -- unless some of those scholarships are given to deserving walk-ons on a one-year basis or unless Auburn is able to sign someone from JUCO at the last minute.

Auburn Attrition 2011

# Name Reason
1 Eric Smith Violation of team rules
2 Mike McNeil Armed Robbery
3 Antonio Goodwin Armed Robbery
4 Shaun Kitchens Armed Robbery
5 Dakota Mosley Armed Robbery
6 Derek Winter Unknown
7 Philip Peirre-Louis Unknown
8 Andre Harris Unknown
9 Robert Cooper Unknown
10 Jessel Curry Unknown

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