Quick Notes

Real world responsibilities stole our weekend away from us, but we did manage to get started on our response to Michael's essay on oversigning.  We'll post it once we finish - probably be later this week.

In the meantime, we would like to take a second to tip our hat to West Virginia's head coach, Bill Stewart, for stating that his goal for West Virginia is to sign 16-18 kids a year.  That would be awesome - let's hope Bill can do it!

"West Virginia coach Bill Stewart signed 25 guys and has a lot of returning starters from 2009. He said he would like to get to a position where the Mountaineers give out 16 to 18 scholarships per year and two to three maximum per position.

"It’ll take four years to get this all worked out," he said on signing day. "It just doesn’t work itself out overnight."

However each school does it, the math always seems to work out by the time the season starts."


Also, we stumbled across this post from Rocky Top Talk that is pretty funny.  Granted, this is from a couple of years ago, but it's dead on.


Last note: We added a couple of poll questions (4) to the sidebar, once you answer one the next time you visit the homepage you should get a new one.  We're still learning WordPress and couldn't figure out how to put all of the questions into the body of a single post, which is what we really wanted to do, therefore, the sidebar is the best we could do.

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