Guess it really is ALL ABOUT DA U

We mentioned a while back that it seemed really odd that Miami signed 5 star football recruit, Latwan Anderson to a track scholarship without the football coaching staff ever "officially" speaking with him.  Everyone knows that the minute Anderson does anything football related he becomes a counter towards the 85 limit, so conventional wisdom says the track scholarship was just to get him on campus while the coaching staff figures out who to cut in order to make room for him.  Miami, as we discovered earlier, is at full capacity with regards to scholarships.

Since then the #1 recruit, Seantrel Henderson has decided to leave USC and showed interest in Miami.  He has since signed a letter of intent with Miami and he too is pretty much waiting for a scholarship spot to open up.

It appears that the oversigning gods are smiling down on the Da U because magically two players have appeared on the radar as possible candidates for not coming back, despite having eligibility left and expecting to return next year.


The NCAA needs to create a lot more transparency with regards to the signing process.  Miami should have to prove that they have a scholarship available before they accept the commitment of a new recruit - if that were the case Henderson and Anderson would be looking to other teams who have legit room for them.

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Da U Oversigns, Adds Player on Track Scholarship

Thanks to the Michigan State board for linking up this gem. 

The Hurricanes oversigned for the 2010 recruiting class with 29 players. The NCAA limit is 25 players. Since Miami doesn't have any scholarships remaining for football, Anderson will sign a track letter of intent, playing football as a walk-on.

Anderson says to The Miami Herald:

"It was a little strange not talking to the football coaches during my visit,'' Anderson said.  "But the track coaches basically talked for them because they're close to them and know the situation. I like the family thing at UM and the way the football and track teams work together.''


If there is any silver lining here, at least Miami didn't sign the kid to a football scholarship and cut a lesser player.  Anderson was the #2 ranked overall "athlete" in this recruiting class and somehow he signs a track scholarship and will walk-on to play football.

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