The Oversigning Cup v1.0

We mentioned a while back that we would like to award the team with the most oversigned roster going into the fall with a special award, The Oversigning Cup.  As it turns out, Matt Hinton (Dr. Saturday), has already done the legwork for the 2009 class.  It appears the 2009 Cup goes to Alabama.  It also appears as though they are working on back to back Cups, as they lead the 2010 race with yet again 10 players too many.  Currently that number is down to 7 due to 2 players not returning for their last year of eligibility and 1 medical hardship scholarship.

Matt wrote  a great piece on oversigning and hit the nail on the head.

"These numbers are always murky enough that they fall into the category of "best guess," but Alabama, North Carolina, Auburn and UCLA -- and probably some other schools that weren't part of the very small group I delved into -- are all far enough over the line here that, if the season started today, I'm confident they'd have to straight up cut some kids with whom they had a mutual commitment."