Shameless Plug – Rivals.Com Radio

It has been brought to our attention that someone called Rivals.Com's weekly radio show and plugged our site. 

Click the link and fast forward to the 15:15 mark...Thanks to Andy from Chesapeake, Virginia for the shameless plug!


For those of you just now visiting the site for the first time, we encourage you to read everything here and come to your own conclusion.  Our main purpose for this site was to have a centralized place to discuss oversigning and explain all the little details that most college football fans overlook or are unaware of because oversigning is not something that is ever talked about on shows like College Gameday on ESPN. 

Please be sure to visit our Recruiting Numbers page and read so of our older posts - we believe that oversigning has cultural roots in the Southeastern part of the country and we have uncovered some every interesting stories that validate our beliefs.

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