Seantrel Henderson Released from LOI, Headed to Miami?

If you don't already know about Seantrel Henderson, go here.  If you know the back story, then you know that he was the #1 overall recruit in last year's class and he decided to sign with USC, despite all of the writing on the wall and every opportunity to go to virtually any school in the entire country.  Let that set in for a second, here is a kid who could pick any college in the ENTIRE country and he just happened to pick one that went on probation just shortly after he signed with them.  That sucks. 

But there is a silver lining for Seantrel.  He has been granted a release from his LOI at USC and is now free to reopen his recruitment and sign with someone else.

It is rumored that Seantrel is considering Miami as his destination.  When we heard this we were a little shocked because A.) Miami doesn't have any room under the 85 scholarship limit, and B.) the last guy they signed, Latwan Anderson, never even spoke to the football staff because he was being recruited and signed to a track scholarship.

If Seantrel is headed to Miami, where are they going to put him?  I guess he could throw a shot put for a little while until a football scholarship opens up.

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