We love our readership here at oversigning.com and truly appreciate the time anyone takes to read this site, much less send a response.  Our readers have a voice, and with that an email from: Fury

"Your site would have more credibility if you had a clue. The reason the SEC signs so many, is because they are in a recruiting hotbead & THEY CAN.

You can talk about how many players are signed on signing day, but it is frivilous. You currently list Alabama as signing 29 this year & 27 last year, but you fail to recognize that THREE recruits are being counted TWICE in BOTH lists. Theses are players who delayed enrollment, and show up on multiple signing classes. This happens all the time, and shows that you all your statistics are incomplete, and not withstanding. The signess ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MATTER. Some signees don’t qualify, some aren’t on athletic scholarship, some delay enrollment for personal reasons, & some sign MLB contracts. The fact is, every school knows only 25 can enroll & only 85 are on scholarhip – AND THEY MAKE THOSE DEMANDS. EVERY scholarship at EVERY school is awarded on a 1 year basis that must be renewed. Football signees ARE NOT signing 4 year agreements, that is against the NCAA by-laws.

Furthermore, check out these numbers:

In ‘08, Bama signed 32, only 23 enrolled in the Fall to “count” on the ‘08 class. In ‘09, Bama signed 27, only 22 enrolled in the Fall to “count” on the ‘09 class."

So where do we start?  "The SEC signs so many players because THEY CAN" or "signees ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MATTER."  Or, "all of your statistics are incomplete."

We'll start with a bottom line:  There are no excuses for going over by 1 player, much less 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or like back in Boddy Dodd's day, 20-25.    When you have 66 returning players you should sign 19, period.   And that doesn't mean you should gather a pool of 28 signed letters of commitment on signing day and narrow it down to 19 legit players by some date in the future.   

We address the other points after the jump.  Click the link to continue reading >>>

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