June Jones – Oversigner

The SEC is not alone on the topic of oversigning...

Stumbled across a nice little article, it's a little dated but still good to see this stuff show up on the radar.


"In February, SMU released nine players from scholarship due to "failure to adhere to our department policies and/or team rules". While I'm sure there was justification for their dismissal, would coach June Jones have been so quick with the ax had he not just signed 26 fresh faces just nine days earlier? It should be noted that five of the dismissed players appealed having their scholarships revoked and three players won their appeal."

Glad to hear a few of those kids won their appeal.  This type of oversigning seems to fall into the category of "new coach comes in and wants to gut the team."  We'll need to do some digging, but it doesn't appear that Jones has a history of oversigning...we'll follow up on this.