Steven Wesley Speaks

Special thanks to one of our readers, James, for sending this story our way.  Steven Wesley has some choice words for Miami head coach Randy Shannon:

"If I had a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn't play for coach (Randy) Shannon."

"It didn't have anything to do with me being academically ineligible. It didn't have anything to do with me not being in good shape," he said.

"It didn't have anything to do with that," he continued. "That came down (to) a decision from coach Shannon personally. It was nobody else."


It is pretty obvious to us what happened to Wesley, he was caught on the short end of the numbers game stick.  We knew this was coming and could see it coming a mile away when Seantrel Henderson announced that he was leaving USC and was headed to Miami for a visit.  We knew that Miami didn't have scholarship room for him and that someone would have to hit the bricks in order to make room.  We just didn't know who. 

Wesley appears to be headed to the SEC's favorite oversigning dumping ground, the University of North Alabama where Terry Bowden is making a living coaching the leftovers from the SEC's oversigning machine.  Talk about getting screwed over.

"This is a real drastic, total lifestyle change," he said. "From Miami, you go from seeing palm trees and 70-degree weather every day to coming to trees that are bigger than all the buildings, to 100-degree weather."

Speaking of Terry Bowden, he is on record saying that some of the players he "receives" at UNA have been "run off" by other coaches:

“We didn’t invent the idea of kids transferring down to Division II from Division I,” Terry Bowden said. “Some of these kids have been run off by new coaches who think they recruited better players.”


Parents should take Wesley's story into consideration when considering the University of Miami, especially if they try to sell you on the notion that they are interested is taking care of your child for 4 years of college.

  • Coach oversigns roster - check
  • Helpless kid gets shuffled out the door to make room for a better recruit - check
  • Kid comes out publicly and claims he was pushed out - check
  • Kid lands in Division II to a place where most all oversigning casualties end up - check
  • Coach for said team states that he knows that the players he transfers in are being run off - check

If there was ever any doubt that oversigning is a serious issue this should eliminate it, permanently.

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This Site is for Guys Like You, Steven Wesley

Now that word has come out that Steven Wesley did not have grade issues and did not violate "unspecified team rules" you have to wonder why he won't be reporting to fall camp for Miami this year.  Actually, no you don't.  It's simple.  Miami was in a numbers crunch because they OVERSIGNED their class this year and then with the late additions of Latwan Anderson and Seantrel Henderson they had to do something in order to free up scholarship space.


We don't have an account on the Miami message boards, but if any of you do and would like to share the general buzz from the fans please do so in the comments section. 

According to his facebook page, Wesley was all set to go to fall camp - all indications are at this point that his dismissal from the team was unexpected.   As posted here from one of our readers...

Per Steven Wesley Facebook:

Steven Wesley: "To clear all the rumors no im not academicly inelgible nor did i get kicked off the team for any off the field issues,its more to it then that but if you dont have nothing good to say about people you dont say nothing at all so ill leave it at that. But i wont be playing football at the U next season but i appreciate all the support from the fans that was given."

This makes two guys in just a couple of weeks that have been flat out sent packing because of scholarship numbers where the schools, LSU and Miami, were both guilty of oversigning.  

Best of luck Steven, we sure hope you find somewhere to finish your college education and get your degree.  We created this site so that guys like you wouldn't get screwed like you did.  Hopefully one day the rules will change and schools will no longer be able to oversign and push players out simply because they want to make room for the next big recruit.  The University Presidents and Athletic Directors that allow this to happen should be ashamed of themselves - they are supposed to be in the business of educating kids, not running farm teams for the NFL.

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