Oversigning hits Twitter, Wikipedia

Update: Just want to commend the guys who created the twitter account for oversigning - you guys are pounding the media, both locally and nationally on this topic.  Good work!  We can't wait for Cecil Hurt to ask Nick Saban about his recruiting numbers.

A new twitter account was created on January 1st http://twitter.com/Oversigning.  This is not our account and is not affiliated with oversigning.com.  However, the account appears to have been created by SEC fans/graduates that agree with the premise of this site, and it appears their purpose is to hound national sports journalists and media members to really start covering oversigning and discussing it openly. 

The purpose of this site was to bring oversigning out of the dark, shine a bright light on it, and get to the bottom of whether or not it needs to be removed from college athletics.  If it is true that the new Twitter account was created by SEC fans that want to take a stand against the actions of schools like LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas (well basically the entire SEC West), then this site has served its purpose.   We have never thought all SEC fans were advocates of oversigning, just the ones that benefit the most from its abuse; glad to see other people start to take a stand.

In addition to the new twitter account, someone, not us, has created a Wikipedia page for oversigning.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oversigning

This too is great to see - we encourage everyone that visits this site to visit our new friends at twitter and check out the Wikipedia site as well.

Best wishes to all for a Happy and Healthy  New Year!

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