The Oversigning Cup

The Oversigning Cup - 2011

One of the missions of this site is to monitor the scholarship and recruiting numbers between the end of the football season, through signing day, and on through the August deadline to get the rosters down to 85 scholarship players.

Here's how it works:
With your help we are going to gather up all of the required numbers in order to determine each school's recruiting budget for National Signing Day.  Once we have a budget established for each school we will monitor the major recruiting services and record the number of players each school signs.  We will then compare that number to their budget and determine if they oversigned or not.

Table Definitions:
SPES (Scholarship Players at End of the Season):  This number will come from the number of scholarship players on the roster at the end of the season.

Departures:  This is number of players leaving the team at the end of the season.  This is the graduating class of seniors that exhausted their eligibility, any 5th year guys who have exhausted their eligibility, and any Juniors who declare for the NFL draft by the January 15th deadline. 

Budget:  This is the number of players each school should sign; it is calculated by taking the SPES and subtracting the Departures, and then subtracting that number from the 85 limit. 

# Signed:  The number of players signed on National Signing Day

Cup Points: This is a comparison between each school's budget and # Signed.  The team with the highest number is the worst offender of oversigning and the winner of The Oversigning Cup 2011.

GS: This is the number of greyshirt recruits that signed in the previous year but will count with this recruiting class. This number should be added with the # Signed to represent the total number of players in the incoming class.  


The Oversigning Cup - 2011

School SPES Departures Budget # Signed Cup Points Roster GS
Ole Miss 85 15 15 27 +12 Link 1 2  
Alabama 84 12 (8sr+3jr+1ts) 13 22 +11 Link 2
LSU 85 12 (11sr+1jr) 12 22 +10    
Arkansas 85 20 (19sr+1jr) 20 30 +10    
South Carolina 77 18 26 32 +6    
Clemson 83 20 (18sr+2jr) 22 29 +7 Link  
USC 85 25 25 29 +4 Link  
Michigan State 85 17 17 21 +4    
Miss State 85 19 19 22 +3 Link1 2  
Penn State 84 14 (11sr+3dp) 15 16 +1 Link  
Miami 85 15 15 16 +1 Link 1 2  
Michigan 80 14 (13sr+1tr) 19 20 +1 Link 1 2  
Ohio State* 81 20 24 24 0 Link1 2  
Florida 84 18 19 19 0    
Georgia 84 25 (19sr+2jr+2dc+1ts+1md) 26 26 0 Link  
Minnesota 74 14 25 24 -1 Link  
Auburn 84 25 (22sr+3jr) 26 24 -2    
Nebraska 85 22 (19sr+2md+1tr) 22 19 -2   1
Notre Dame 78 18 25 23 -2 Link  
Iowa 85 29 29 24 -5    

* Ohio State Note: Asst. Athletics Communications Director, Jerry Eming, is on record stating that Ohio State did not oversign last year, as is Associate Big 10 commissioner, Chad Hawely.  Both were contacted recently in light of James Jackson's claim that Ohio State had an oversigning issue.  We had Ohio State listed at +2, based on the links that were submitted by readers.  The links that were used to support the numbers have been updated by the sources that posted them.  There are two fan-based scholarship charts floating around on the Internet: http://ohiostate.rivals.com/content.asp?SID=917&CID=1176611 and http://oldsite.bucknuts.com/index.php/Football-Article/scholarship-count/menu-id-1238.html.  Both links show Ohio State now at 82 scholarships now that Jackson, Price, and Pryor have departed since NSD.  Had all three of them returned there would have been room according to these charts.  It is possible that the previous numbers included Adam Griffin as a scholarship player.  He signed after NSD and was given one of the left over scholarships from the 2010 class when Seantrel Henderson signed with USC instead of Ohio State.  He doesn't appear on the scholarship rosters anywhere. 

We have put in a request with both Ohio State and the Big 10 Conference office to get their account of Ohio State's scholarship numbers.  We will share that information, should we get it, as soon as we get it.

Update:  Ohio State numbers becoming clearer.  As mentioned, Ohio State was at +2 on NSD based on the charts submitted by readers.  Those numbers included signing 24 and most likely included Adam Griffin, a walk-on that was awarded a scholarship last year for 1 year, counting towards the number of players returning.  One of the 24 signed was Cardale Jones who was a greyshirt signee (announced on NSD) and doesn't count towards this class.  If you take him out and you take into account Adam Griffin not being renewed as a walk-on, Ohio State arrives at 85.  With 3 departures since NSD, and with only 22 of the 23 signed, it is very likely that we will see 3 walk-ons, get scholarships, possibly Adam Griffin. 

Note: The numbers above are based on the scholarship charts that we were able to round up on the internet thanks to the help of many of our readers.  As we have written before on the site, these numbers are our best attempt to determine the recruiting budgets of the schools listed.