3 Myths about Establishing a Mainland Business in Dubai

Many people are under the impression that a Dubai freezone company formation or mainland is difficult. There are numerous myths about doing so, but these are false. Setting up a business in Dubai is not difficult if you follow the right steps. This article looks at 3 common myths about establishing a mainland business in Dubai. By following these guidelines, you will avoid some more common pitfalls.

Myth# 1

The first myth about establishing a Mainland Business in Dubai requires a national or local service agent. This is simply not true. You can create a branch company in the mainland of Dubai without requiring an Emirati service agent. If you have the right license, you can own a branch company on the mainland entirely. This means you don’t need a local partner to start a business in the UAE. However, you must make sure you have a valid license before attempting to establish a branch in the Mainland of Dubai.

Myth# 2

Another myth about establishing a Mainland Business in Dubai is that you have to use a free zone. This is not true. You can set up a Mainland Company in the UAE without a hassle. The DMCC, the government agency in charge of the free zone, now partners with the Department of Economic Development (DEED) to improve the business environment. Once you’ve decided to open a free zone branch in the UAE, you’ll need to designate a National Service Agent (NSA) who will act as a local representative of your business.

Myth# 3

Another myth about mainland business is the registration process is complicated. However, it is not true as setting up a Mainland Business in Dubai is easy. While it may be easier than opening a branch in another Middle Eastern country, the process can be complicated. However, the first step in setting up a Mainland Business in Dubai is to register your new company in the DED. Once the DED approves your application, you must apply for a Mainland Branch. These are common misconceptions about Dubai mainland business, which is not true.