Hookah lovers and enthusiast are very particular how their hookah would smell and taste. Most of the time, they are able to get the right balance. But there will be instances when they will get the formula wrong, leaving their hookah smelling stale and bad.


To ensure consistency when using the hookah, some enthusiasts share some pointers on how to keep their hookah smell fresh and sweet:


  1. Go for cold water


Some hookah users use warm water when using preparing your hookah. Sooner or later, the water will get warmer and will make the tobacco taste and smell stale and bitter. It would be best to use cold water when preparing your hookah. And to keep the temperature under control, try putting ice on the bottle. But be cautious on putting ice on the hookah. It may help keep the hookah fresh, but it will affect the taste of the tobacco.


  1. Use top quality tobacco


The key to a fresh and sweet-smelling hookah is to use high quality tobacco manufactured and distributed by tobacco companies in UAE. Going for cheap but low quality ones will only result to forming a hookah that is bad-tasting and ill-smelling.


Since you will not use all the tobacco in one sitting, be sure to store it properly after use. Put it in a resealable bag to keep the air out and maintain the quality and integrity of the tobacco. But try to open it once in every two months. Avoid using old tobacco for your future hookah session. But to prevent it from going to waste, try to mix it with your new batch of tobacco.


  1. Blow out the pipes


When you are using the hookah, there are tendencies when the air stays inside the bottle. Keeping the “old air” can make the hookah smell a little funky. Try to blow out the old air so new smoke will replace the old ones. But be careful not to blow too hard as the water might get inside the bottle and ruin your session.


  1. Heat the tobacco evenly


One of the secrets to producing a sweet-smelling hookah smoke is to make sure that the tobacco is baking evenly. So try to balance the number of charcoal that you will put in the hookah and the layers of tin foil. To manage the heat better, there are heat management system available in the market. This is especially needed for traditional hookahs.

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