Being an UAE citizen is considered privileged because you are in a country which is counted among the most famous for its culture, job provider and it is also considered the safest for women. But it’s a country where the government is only divided between the heirs of the Emiratis. Let’s say that a king of this country handed down the crown to his sons and to his son-in-law or to his brothers. And no other person from another country can become the bearer of the crown. They have their own laws for everything and can change whenever or to whatever they want.

Like other countries who offer permanent residencies but UAE has different laws for that. The citizenship or naturalization of UAE law is set according to the Federal Law 17 of 1972 under the nationality and passports section. Those who want to become a citizen can apply for UAE nationality by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) which is open for each Emirate. But the acceptance of your application can only be approved by the President of the UAE and he can issue a decree on establishing the nationality under the operation law for granting it by naturalization to any person he wants. Did you know the President of UAE has given nationality to Shah Rukh Khan!

If you father is an Emirati or mother is an Emirati, you become a citizen by law. And if a woman marries to an Emirati, she will be granted citizenship of 7 to 10 years with an ongoing marriage and they have a child or children in future then the children get the citizenship too. This clearly shows that even if you marry an Emirati woman or man, you still get citizenship for a limited period of time. And there are other terms and condition to it like; they should have a good source of income and should be paying tax and must be fluent in Arabic.

If you can’t marry an Emirati, you can at least get a trip to UAE by applying for 14 days Dubai visa and you can also get Dubai visa change without exit in order to extend your trip. To understand the visa change terms and conditions visit the embassy site of UAE.