There are so many different options for porcelain flooring to incorporate in your house but it can always be a difficult task to see and choose which one to use. So here are some design styles to make the task easier for you as we have compiled all the styles that corian company in Dubai can help you achieving:

  • Earthy and nude palette

Most of the people expect their houses to be close to nature with an earthy tone and neutral palette for which they are often confused as to which kind of flooring will look best on it. Such kind of interior enhances the natural lighting and brings the outdoors in, with wood looking porcelain flooring. This gives you cosy vibes and makes up for the perfect middle of cottage designs.

  • Vintage

Year after year vintage style is being adopted by several people and it never ceases to leave us bewildered with the new and latest structural design which has an earthy palette to it. People love incorporating accents of antique paired with rural kind of design that speaks volumes of its inspiration. You can very easily make it look put together by merging rustic vintage look with retro harmonies and it will leave everyone stunned.

  • Industrial

For those who love making everything look professional in place then industrial home look interior could be their first picks. Concrete and metal along with untreated material leather in its raw form are some of the first picks which give the space its design and style. The best part about this style is that there are a hundred different looks that you can play around with and grespania tiles would still make everything look outstanding as usual.

  • Classic contemporary

We know the tag for this style might’ve put your head in a jiffy but trust us when we tell you this is one of the most loved styles of all time. Classic contemporary refers to the style of merging classical parts of decor and interior with contemporary elements and making it stand out as the perfect fusion of both of them. It is certainly a little tricky and challenging but we are sure that with a creative imagination you can surely make it look perfect, just hire a professional and let them work with it.