Old Myths about Coffee

Did you ever think that a thing like coffee could do bad to someone or the coffee could be bad in anyone’s story? Well this did happen once and for a very long period of time. Coffee became Muslim when it gained fame and came from the middle east countries of the Arabian and Turkey. And when it was introduced in European countries, the word of the street was spread that it was like alcohol since it was bitter and it is a propaganda by Muslims to convert the Christians into Islamic religion and it got banned. People who loved coffee still bought it at the price tag of diamond or in the black market. Coffee got a fancy name; the devil’s cup. Then Pope Clement the Seventh volunteered to clear the air and ordered coffee and said coffee is Christian and Muslim drink. He even said that, this drink by the devil is so delicious even the devil would get cheated by it. And so, devil’s cup became the devil’s drink.

Even though Arabian countries are responsible for making the coffee popular but it got a ban in an Arabian city back in the year 1511 by the order of Khair Beg. He made so much troubles while leading the nation that he banned the coffee so that the other officials won’t discuss his failings. And now we all know why it is said that coffee brings out the best in a person. Anywise, it was declared haram, it is a word for sinful in Arabic. This ban was lifted after 13 years in 1524. This step was taken as per the order of a famous Ottoman Turkish Sultan. Moreover, the Grand Mufti later on issued a fatwa (notice/order) that it is permissible for people to consume coffee.

Coffee came to England in the 17th century, imagine what people did before those years. A lot of crazy things were said about coffee in the 17th century. Back then some even claimed that coffee was a kind of Viagra. Women were said not to have coffee in a coffee shop at any condition. So, women used to drink coffee at home only unless they were prostitutes. The petition of women drinking coffee in coffee shops was made in 1774 and finally women could have coffee but the stares continued till date, which makes me think that some people still have this misconception. Before the petition coffee was called the ‘base adulterate wine’.

Whatever coffee has gone through, it still serves humanity every day and, in every weather, and since we all know coffee is the Arabian delight, if you want to taste the best coffee you will find the best coffee beans in Dubai. And there are many manufacturers of coffee machines in UAE.