What Are Synthetic Web Sling and Their Features?

What Are Synthetic Web Sling and Their Features?

Synthetic web slings are generally lightweight, flexible, and easy to store. They are made from flat webbing layered to create a ply, making them stronger. Slings range in width from a few inches to up to four feet. They are available in several configurations, including Types 1 and 2. The slings are used for lifting heavy objects and are most commonly used for heavy-duty applications.

1: There are two main types of synthetic web slings. The first type is made of polyester and is used for applications requiring minimum stretch and acid resistance. The material is resistant to chlorine, sulfuric acid, and bleach but is not suitable for locations where temperatures exceed 194 degrees Fahrenheit. The other type is Type II, which has a triangle fitting on both ends. It is designed for general industrial use and has a maximum one-ton capacity.

2: The second type is called the eye or the tapered eye. This type is used for heavy lifting. The two types differ in their load-bearing points, and their sizes depend on the weight of the load. In the case of eye web slings, the measurement of the eye is made from the bottom to the top, but the length of the tapered eye varies depending on the material used. The Webbing Strength Rating of the webbing is expressed in pounds per inch. The Working Load Limit is measured from the bottom to the top.

3: The load weight and its length determine the size of a synthetic web sling. The eye is the bearing point of the synthetic web sling. The eye can be flat or twisted. The thickness is the depth of the sling. The sling is sewn together using thread, a type of synthetic yarn. The bottom eye is used to connect the sling to the lifting device.

4: The length and weight of a synthetic web sling are determined by the load it supports. A sling’s length is measured from its outer hem to the bottom eye. The three-dimensional shape of the eye characterizes the eye web sling. It is usually made from high-tenacity polyester. A single-eye synthetic web sling is not flexible. The other two have an eye and an open-eye design.