Our teeth are made up of different layers. The outermost layer of our teeth is known as the enamel and it basically covers the tooth and creates a wrap for the exposed crown. The next layer is called the dentin. This layer is quite like the enamel but it is not hard not as shiny, whereas the enamel is quite shiny in terms of its appearance. In a majority of cases, it is on the enamel where extrinsic stains develop, whereas intrinsic stains are formed on the dentin.


You must know that the enamel of our teeth is highly mineralized and it consists of strands of crystalline materials that are rod-like in appearance. Even though these rods are tightly packed together, they usually have tiny microscopic gaps in between. The density of the crystalline rods in our teeth differs from person to person, which goes on to show why the enamel of some teeth is tougher whereas for others it is not. It is on the enamel that teeth whitening elements like dental veneers in Dubai are applied.


With the passage of time, the gap in between our teeth begins filling up with tannins, debris and discoloration begins to take place. No matter what you eat or drink, it is sure to leave marks over your teeth. The stains are formed through a pellicle film, which is initiated inside the pores in between the crystalline rods. Even though regular brushing of the teeth can help you get rid of most of the accumulated material, all of it just cannot be removed. With years of accumulation, the debris tends to create layers of film that eventually appear in the form of a stain over the teeth.


On the bright side, the pores in the rods that are used by the staining agents are also used by the whitening agents. Stains over the teeth are removed by these whitening agents through oxidation reaction. For this reaction to take place, the two most popular whitening agents are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, which we all know is an extremely powerful bleaching agent.


Head out to a dentist if you can


Even though it is best for a dentist to perform teeth whitening through hydrogen peroxide, it can also be done at home by people who do not have sensitivity issues in their teeth and gums. On the other hand, carbamide peroxide can easily be used at home by everyone through home teeth whitening kits. If you wish to get a sparkling perfect smile, then you should opt for one of the best teeth whitening procedures from a reputable Hollywood smile clinic in Dubai.